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LED panel light purchase

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-17

In today's society, we no longer need to use the old-fashioned electric lamp, because the service life and brightness are not comparable to the LED panel lamp, so whether it is our family, or companies, are gradually using such lighting. However, how should this LED panel light be chosen? Everyone is definitely not very clear. Now let's take a look at the purchase of this LED panel light.

actually. For lighting, we already know that there are many lighting companies. After all, we often see advertisements in this area when we turn on the TV. For example, Foshan Lighting, which we are familiar with, also has the sales of LED panel lights, and in the whole country, this Foshan Lighting is very famous. However, according to our survey, judging from the sales of this LED panel lamp, it is not that Foshan Lighting has a large market share, but a company called Shanghai Juli lighting. For this Shanghai Juli lighting company, I think many people are not very clear. Even those who have bought the products produced by this company feel that the name is quite strange. This is not surprising, because only shopkeepers who are familiar with LED lighting know that

There are three main reasons for this: first, liangmeiju has its own production factory, therefore, the cost is lower than that of other companies, and for this reason, the selling price is also cheaper than that of other companies; Second, the LED panel lamp has a well-proportioned degree of illumination and will not be too bright and dazzling; Third, the quality of this product is good. Its chips are made in Japan, which has to be admitted that Japan's research on chips is higher than that of our country, the chip selected by Foshan Lighting is produced by our country, so it will be slightly affected. According to the above three points, it is obvious that people choose Shanghai Juli lighting.

I know that everyone does not know much about this in normal times, but this does not mean that we do not need to learn, because LED panel lights are available in almost every family, if our lights are broken, we don't know which LED panel lights should be chosen, finally, I even bought a product of low quality for more price. I believe everyone is unwilling. Good quality and low price will always be the best standard for consumers. Are you ready to become a wise consumer?

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