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led lamps cost rs 3,400 in market, nmc pays rs 9,900 | nagpur news - times of india

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-05
NAGPUR: There seems to be a scam hidden behind the Nagpur Municipal Company (NMC)
Crore light-Rs470LEDs (LED)
Smart street lamp project to save electricity and money.
Citizen groups are buying each LED light for Rs9, 900, which is three times the market price even in the retail market.
Sanjay Jaiswal, executive engineer for the power department at Nmc Solar, said in a reply to the Congress senior company Sandip Sahare that the cost per 37 watt LED street light is Rs 900.
Sahare inquired about the cost of LED street lamps in the local market as well as in manufacturing companies, and claimed that LED street lamps on the market could be used between Rs3, 400 and Rs4, 000.
TOI also visited a number of City dealers and found that the price of LED lights purchased by the power department of nmc lucicity was too high.
A wholesale dealer at gandhiagh pointed out that NMC can purchase at least 70 watts of LED using Rs9, 900
Based on street lights.
Dealers say it will also get a decent discount between 20% and 40% as NMC purchases in bulk.
If we consider 1.
38 lakh street lights, as well as the violation of the purchase of them, proved to be at least a scam over the Rs100 crore, Sahare said.
The scam is even more valuable.
He said that the prices of all LED street lamps installed in the city earlier, as well as their market prices, should be checked.
In fact, the cost of each LED light does not even include the cost of maintenance and operation.
Sahare said that the NMC had to pay the Rs82 of each street lamp for operation and maintenance every month, and he studied the terms and conditions of the project.
The estimated cost of the street lamp project is Rs470 crore, where the Rs277 crore is used to replace the existing street lamp panel with LEDs for the operation and maintenance of the LED street lamp rs10crore for 99 months, rs59 crore for infrastructure development and Rs28 crore for loop and metro rail corridor engineering.
In January, eight private companies received work orders for the execution of the project.
So far, NMC has converted more than 35,000 of total 1.
38 lakh sodium steam street lamps are LED lights.
The goal is to convert the remaining 96,000 street lamps into LED by December 2018.
Although Sahare has raised this issue with Municipal Commissioner Virendra Singh, he will submit again a memorandum requesting a detailed investigation into the matter.
He will also file a petition with the high court.
Although the chief executive did not comment, Ravindra Kumbhare, another municipal commissioner, said he would look into the issue.
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