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LED flat panel lights will soon become the mainstream of future lighting

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-20

LED flat panel lamps will soon become the mainstream of lighting in the future. Some analysis points out that 'the market share of LED Indoor lighting products will reach 50% in 2020'. LED indoor lighting will be used more and more widely and the overall replacement rate will gradually increase. The price of LED Indoor lighting products is gradually declining, and the market demand and sales volume are gradually increasing. LED flat panel lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting lamp, which has been very hot in recent years and has been favored and praised by consumers.

in order to achieve the above purpose, the invention provides an integrated LED purification lamp, which comprises a lampshade, a lamp holder, a lamp board assembly, a power supply module and a lampshade, the lampshade is arranged on the lamp holder, lampshade and lampshade. The older whole forms a lamp body, the lamp holder is provided with a slot along its length, the lamp board assembly is provided in the slot, and the lamp cap is connected with the lamp body to close the lamp holder, the opening of the lamp body is provided with a power supply module, which is electrically connected with the lamp board assembly.

LED panel lights are products with less heat generation. LED panel lamp is light and thin in appearance, with complete heat dissipation function, low power and less heat generation. LED panel lights have higher and more powerful lighting. The LED panel lamp is made of uniform luminous reflective panel and sealed design, with high-efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The lighting effect is uniform and the illumination is higher.

because the LED white light is made up of a blue-emitting chip and a yellow phosphor, the blue-light hazard of the LED is especially prominent. Fortunately, the lighting professional engineer told us that, huahuizhao sensible LED classroom lights and intelligent LED Blackboard lights can shield harmful blue light in the light source, making the blue light hazard of educational lighting change from 'Class I hazard' to 'Class I Hazard, no Harm ', to prevent blue light, in line with RG0 standard.

when the blue light radiation reaches a certain intensity and lasts for more than 2 hours continuously, it may cause damage to human eyes. The harm of blue light will also affect deep sleep. Blue light will stimulate the brain very much, making the brain in an exciting situation, affecting the law of living material clocks, and causing the sleep to take too long, symptoms such as waking up many times during deep sleep have a particularly serious impact on the junior high school, junior high school and junior high school that require self-study at night.

LED panel lights are a good choice to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp grille, which is not affected by the length of the traditional fluorescent lamp specifications, not only can the direct structure and side light guide structure described above be adopted, but also can be integrated into the architecture and furniture display according to the designer's design. However, many LED lighting enterprises blindly exaggerate the energy-saving performance of LED lighting in order to quickly open up the market.

LED panel lamp is a very flexible technical activity in the early design of the product. LED is a kind of point-shaped luminous body. Through flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces, engineers of LED products can design light sources of different shapes and particles according to customer requirements, its design is very flexible.

as an LED panel lamp manufacturer, it uses the existing market channels and brand advantages to penetrate the market in different levels, which mainly depends on the user's sensitivity to price and energy urgency. From the perspective of lighting application market segments, the long-term demand for office lighting and commercial lighting is always the first to explode. Local lighting applications penetrate rapidly and eventually gradually move towards home lighting. Residential Lighting is the largest application market in the world. LED flat panel lighting system quickly cuts into the residential lighting market and replaces traditional lighting.

observe the luminous effect of the lamp: the bulb power is the same, the better the lighting effect, the higher the brightness. With the same lighting brightness, the lower the power consumption, the more energy will be saved. Observe the power of the power supply. The larger the power, the better. The smaller the clarification power, the larger the power, and the larger the output power. See if it meets safety standards. Please select LED lights according to national safety standards. Check the overall appearance and details of LED flat panel lights. Does the work look accurate enough?

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