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LED flat panel light-Widespread use in life

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-21
Widely used in hospitals, schools, supermarket chains, offices, office buildings, bars, Hotel decoration, home lighting, lighting sources, engineering lighting, parking lot, Western restaurant, coffee shop, club, window, exhibition hall, art hall, museum and other environmental decoration lighting. Another structural type of LED panel lamp is evolved from the light guide light box for advertising use of side light guide, because it takes advantage of the thinner and lighter characteristics of LED compared with fluorescent tube or CCFL tube, its product structure can be very thin and light. Looking at the development process of LED panel lamps, most enterprises take this as the starting point, and a Hong Kong listed company has invested considerable advertising in this regard since 2005, obviously, LED panel lights have been concerned by more and more people in the industry since then. At the same time of low power consumption of LED panel lamps, the lighting technology of LED panel lamps is still a green lighting technology. The products do not contain mercury, have less waste and almost no pollution in the manufacturing process; Semiconductor Lighting is recyclable and recyclable, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society. LED panel lights belong to lamps with long service life. The theoretical life of LED is as long as 100 thousand hours. If calculated by 8 hours per day, its theoretical life span is more than 27 years. The theoretical life of the CPL lamp Cup even exceeds 100 thousand hours. LED panel lamp is a very flexible technical activity in the early design of the product. LED is a kind of point-shaped luminous body. Through flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces, engineers of LED products can design light sources of different shapes and particles according to customer requirements, its design is very flexible. Why is the band 400 -? Blue light between 480 nanometers will do harm to human body? Harmful blue light has short wavelength, high energy and stronger penetrating power. It is also the visible light closest to ultraviolet light, also known as short-wave blue light or high-energy short-wave blue light, which can directly penetrate the crystal to the fundus omentum, it also poses a threat to the omentum, causing atrophy and loss of life of pigment epithelial cells in the omentum. Loss of life of light-sensitive cells will result in decreased experience in distinguishing things and macular degeneration. LED panel lights vary in a variety of ways, color and installation can be freely matched. The LED panel lamp can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes, not only does it have no radiation and glare, but also can protect eyesight and the light color is milder. It is a good choice for LED panel lamp to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp grid lamp panel, which is not affected by the specification length of the traditional fluorescent lamp, and can not only adopt the direct structure and side light guide structure described above, it can also be integrated into architecture and furniture display according to the designer's design. However, many LED lighting enterprises blindly exaggerate the energy-saving performance of LED lighting in order to quickly open up the market.
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