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Led flat panel lamp disassembly and maintenance

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-25
Dongguan Liangmei Concentrator Technology Co. , Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of clean room lighting. Liangmeiju is a professional manufacturer of LED purification lamps. LED purification lamps can be often used in indoor lighting fixtures and LED is used as lighting components, it is widely used in supermarkets, pharmaceutical factories, office buildings and offices. Another important indicator of LED flat panel lights is their luminous uniformity. Led flat panel lamp disassembly method 1, square flat panel lamp disassembly directly pushed up, it is directly placed on the top. 2, the circular flat panel lamp disassembly point pull down, it is a card stuck, look at the installation instructions, the reverse is good, pay attention to power off when removing the lamp. 3, the buckle flat light to remove the four borders, open the inlaid switch or button. 4, integrated ceiling LED light flat panel disassembly first use the suction cup to buckle the buckle plate next to the LED, and then you can remove it smoothly. LED flat lamp factory- Note 1: before cleaning the LED flat panel lamp, be sure to confirm whether the power supply has been disconnected before cleaning the panel lamp. Notice 2: when cleaning the LED flat panel lamp, most people will use a semi-dry and wet rag to wipe it. This is not possible. Be sure to wipe it with a dry rag. Notice 3: In order to achieve better cleaning effect, some people will use chemically corrosive things to clean, which has certain safety hazards. LED flat panel lamp type: purification lamps and lanterns products include ceiling-type clean lamps and lanterns, embedded clean lamps and lanterns, bevel-type clean lamps and lanterns, ruler-type clean lamps and lanterns, Emergency clean lamps and lanterns, explosion-proof purification lamps and lanterns. The purifying lamp style includes stainless steel frame, steel plate spraying frame, mirror full lining, transparent plexiglass cover and white cover. Third, use LED flat panel lamp: The purification lamp is suitable for pharmaceutical, biochemical, food processing and other industries, and the purification lamp is required for all purification areas.
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