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LED flat light will further popularize rural town

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-15
LED lighting lamps and lanterns has entered our lives, not only become one of our household daily necessities of life, but also is indispensable in our work of good partners. LED flat light, LED to absorb dome light, LED lamp belt around our life, for we build a more colorful, more color and colorful visual enjoyment. LED flat light also plays an indispensable role in urban construction, in today's urban and rural development rapidly, the advantage of its independence day LED flat light, gradually open the rural market town, and pervasive in people. How is it that the LED flat light gradually popularization in rural, let's go and have a look. 1, LED flat-panel high light efficiency, less energy consumption. Under the same brightness, the LED flat lamp power consumption is only half of the fluorescent tube, this for villagers used the traditional fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and lanterns, energy saving energy saving benefit is very considerable. 2, long service life. Estimates that no one can resist the good quality and long life of lamps and lanterns. Bracket. 3, LED lamps and lanterns is steadily falling trend overall unit price. Compare the LED products newly launched five years ago the expensive unit price, now no longer prohibitively LED lamps and lanterns, and people a lot, and the traditional lamps and lanterns is flat. Constant road lighting LED flat light price is very high, 300 x300led plate lamp 15 w retail only 40 yuan, than a treasure to discount 20%. 4, LED flat light easy to install, replace and easier maintenance. Because LED flat light is directly embedded into the smallpox, there is a kind of installation method is to use spring card on the smallpox, more convenient, and the surface is not easy to dust fall, New Year's day cleaning is very convenient. 5, due to the popularity of the Internet, the urban and rural people can never leave home directly online orders, can express to the door, very convenient. And the current price of the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer also gradually open sales channels, grocery stories in a town can buy LED flat light. 6, environmental problem is the universal attention and support. Compared to traditional lamps and lanterns, people are beginning to change the idea is to use the LED lamps and lanterns.
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