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Led flat light use

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-11
Led flat light, widely used more and more popular, used in business and household lighting, because of the high light source using photosynthetic efficiency, brightness, save electricity and energy saving leds, increasingly favored by merchants, installed in the indoor and office buildings such as office, supermarket shopping malls, hotels, office, or home corridor corridor, kitchen, etc, gradually to ban traditional plate lamp, fluorescent lamp and fluorescence advantage. Led flat light use of led panel light range is so wide, let's enjoy the led flat light use multi-function effect picture. A, the led flat light use - Office office led flat light is used for office, office buildings and other places of business is the most common, because of its high luminous flux, not only energy saving energy saving, and easy to install. Second, the led flat light use -- Supermarket shopping malls supermarkets both stores, aisle, parking lots and even toilet, can use led flat light, its intensity of illumination, design is simple, easy maintenance, good engineering preferred. Three, the led flat light use - Hotel hotel is a place where need of energy saving and downy lamplight illume, installed in the hotel corridor led flat light, with diffusion plate or led flat light reflected light guide plate is the most soft and tender, let a guest just after all feel very comfortable. Four, the led flat light use - Occupy the kitchen if you are lovers of energy conservation and environmental protection, the led flat light in the house; If you are safety first housewife, aisle at home outfit led flat light; If you are a cost-effective support person, don't miss Led flat light. According to customer demand, led flat light is suitable for various occasions, long service life of lamps and lanterns can beat the fluorescent lamp, high brightness can trump absorb dome light, low price to attract customer's heart.
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