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Led flat light of choose and buy skills and characteristics

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-08-29
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as the progress of The Times and social progress, people to buy home decoration, not only consider the practicability, and consider to decorate and decorate

as the progress of The Times and social progress, people to buy home decoration, not only consider the practicability, but also to the decoration and decoration, and more striking decoration and lighting, and introduce the light emitting diode (today, 领导) Technology and characteristics of panel lights.

a, buying skills compared with other lighting led flat light, led flat light is very prominent, the advantages of ultrathin, super light, super energy saving, long life, energy saving! Green environmental protection. However, the quality of the LED panel light is very different, consumers don't know how to choose?

1, look at the overall 'lighting power factor' : low power factor, use driving power, the circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of the lighting! Low power factor, lights, decorative life is not long. Power factor meter can detect the power factor. In general, the power factor of export LED flat light reaches 0. More than 85. The power factor is less than 0. 5, it should be said that the unqualified products or waste products, not only the life is short, and the actual power consumption is about two times higher than the nominal power consumption, that is to say, compared with the ordinary energy-saving lamps, there is no electricity! So, that's why LED flat light need equipped with high quality, high efficiency drive power supply! There is no 'power factor' to test the LED lighting the power factor of electrical equipment. Another method is to use 'ammeter' detection of two similar products with the same power rating. The greater the current, the greater the harmonic current, the bigger the actual power consumption, energy saving quantity is smaller. At the same time, the current is not stable, the life of the lamp bead and the service life of the entire lamp decoration is not ideal.

2, see 'lighting the cooling conditions - — Materials, structure ': LED lighting heat dissipation is also very important. With the same power factor and beads of the same quality of lighting, if the cooling condition is bad, the beads will be working under high temperature, the light attenuation will be very big, the lighting will reduce the service life. The main heat dissipation material for copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity is better than that of aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity is better than that of PC, the current materials generally USES the aluminum radiator, is inserted into the aluminum, automotive, Lu: xingcai, extrusion aluminum) , the worst is cast aluminum, aluminum insert heat dissipation effect is better! 3, look at the quality of 'bulb' : light quality depends on the chip quality and packaging technology. The quality of the chips determine the brightness of the light bulb and light failure. Good light bead is not only bright, but the light attenuation is small. 4, from the perspective of the driving power of lighting in use, the power of the service life is much shorter than the other parts of the lighting. The service life of power affect lighting the whole life. Life expectancy for 5 - lamp bead of the theory The service life of 100000 hours, the power of 0. 22 - 30000 hours. Power supply design and material selection will determine the service life of power supply. Aluminum alloy exterior driving performance is better than that of engineering plastics. One is the cooling performance is good. The second is in the process of transport and use, can effectively protect the internal parts are not affected by extrusion and loose, reduce the failure rate of power transmission. 5, light effect: the same lights, the light of the power, the higher the efficiency, the higher brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power, the more energy saving. From the point of power efficiency, power efficiency is higher, the better, the higher the power consumption of the power supply itself, the greater the power output.

2. Light-emitting diode ( 领导) Panel lights product features 1, LED flat light the LCD backlight technology and efficient LED chips, unique design of heat dissipation to ensure that the LED efficiency and low light decay and long life. 2, the surface brightness, brightness, uniform, soft, not dazzling. 3, 100 - 240 vac input voltage and high power efficiency. Start time is short, don't blink. 4, lamps and lanterns, light weight, convenient installation. Environmental protection, safety, no pollution, accord with RoHS standard. 5, stable performance, low maintenance rate. The present invention has the advantages of strong commonality, easy installation, save a space, 6, LED panel light life over 30000 hours, even if often open, also won't affect the service life of products. 7, green environmental protection lighting products, do not contain mercury, lead, and other pollution elements materials; 8, LED flat light, no ultraviolet and infrared light, avoid the radiation damage of the object. 9, using the flexible lighting technology to expand LED panel light for surface light source, to eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and sublimation visual effect; 10, LED flat light, high color rendering index, color reducibility, vision clear, no object deformation, suitable for commercial lighting places; 11, no stroboscopic and pure dc operation, eliminating the traditional flat light stroboscopic cause visual fatigue;

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