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LED flat lamp manufacturers to dwell on the flat light can be used in the sitting room?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-16
LED flat light more and more popular, in addition to the school, office, hotel and other projects, more and more household place also can see the figure of LED flat light, such as hutch defends, hallway or stairs, then flat lamp can be installed in the sitting room to use? Let a professional manufacturer of LED flat light 'port' you know! LED flat light installed in the sitting room, the sitting room for short plate lamp. Living room flat lamp principle of work and working principle of the dome light, luminous evenly, rich colors, basis include: white, yellow and warm color, such as power in 6 - commonly Between 18 w. Generally speaking, the LED flat light manufacturer tablet lamp in the living room is not recommended to use, after all, flat light simple appearance, size is larger, more suitable for clean business. But this does not necessarily explain the LED flat light cannot be used in the sitting room, in the 21st century today, people prefer clean and simple design, or, people also like LED flat light bring bright and gentle, I need to work overtime at home, there is the company of LED flat light, also can let a person feel comfortable. Sitting room flat lamp current use range is very wide, he has LED for most of the performance and advantages to, such as long life, energy-efficient and soft not dazzling light, and its weight is light, good for cleaning and maintenance and replacement. For LED flat light manufacturers, the most important, is LED flat light price, compared to the sitting room of ordinary absorb dome light, LED flat light with power than absorb dome light is much more cost-effective. In LED are continuing to stable price today, we meet in a treasure also may not be able to avoid unscrupulous LED flat light manufacturer of deception, of others, the quality is bad plate lamp as a brand label to sell directly, an eye, this requests us consumers know more parameters, don't be deceived.
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