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LED dome light compared with ordinary absorb dome light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-16
LED dome light compared with ordinary absorb dome light with LED based technology, the development of the market, manufacturing process, LED to absorb dome light than ordinary tubes absorb dome light had very great technical and economic advantages, environmental protection, energy saving, constant way below small make up a way to discuss from these aspects, have the effect of topic. A. General 1 absorb dome light of the problems and weaknesses. 1 low luminous efficiency type T5 lamp USES mostly because all these absorb dome light, bent into various shapes. But no matter what the last bend into shape, it is 360 degrees of glowing, upwards of 180 degrees of rays must bounce back to become useful, this reflection process will cost a lot of light. So make it after the lamps and lanterns of photosynthetic efficiency must be at least a discount of 70%. And in the actual use, its brightness decay over time quickly. 1. 2 the boiling point of mercury and mercury is very low, can evaporate at room temperature. After a waste disposal fluorescent lamp broken, immediately to the surrounding mercury vapor, moments can make the concentration of mercury in ambient air reached 10 - 20 mg/cubic meters, more than the provisions of the state of mercury in air maximum allowable concentration ( To zero. 01 mg/m3) From 1000 to 2000 times, the human body a suction 2. 5 grams of mercury vapor that life was in danger. And liquid mercury penetration is extremely high, fell to the ground immediately after infiltration underground pollution of groundwater. 1 mg of mercury 5454 enough to pollution. 5 kg of drinking water, and make it reach the drinking safety standards. Now try very hard to promote energy-saving lamps, actually is also irresponsible for our children. 1. 3 low phosphors energy-saving lamp tube according to the division of life: mixed powder, halogen powder, three colors. Halogen powder life in 3000 ~ 4000 hours; Mixed powder life in 4000 ~ 6000 hours; Three colors which is more than 8000 hours. 1. 4 ballast quality low fluorescent ballasts used by most cannot provide enough power, for example, the authors measured a 32 w fluorescent lamp ballast used the output power only 16 w, which is only 50% of the rated power. And all the life of the fluorescent lamp is short, mainly ballast life is very short, and once the fluorescent lamp is damaged, ballast usually followed damage. Almost everyone's experience is generally a year will be in a ballast or tube, most of the time is less than one year, both want to change. 1. 5 the price isn't cheap general dome light price in dozens to hundreds of yuan, foreign brands to absorb dome light to 600 yuan of above, as for some absorb dome light, with crystal accessories price up to thousands of yuan of above, and the light only at most is a 40 w fluorescent lamp. So the dome light is not as cheap as ordinary energy-saving lamps. 2. The advantages of the LED dome light 2. 1 high luminance LED itself luminous efficiency has reached more than 130 lm/W, so LED to absorb dome light, whole photosynthetic efficiency can reach 100 lm/W. According to the measured results, a lamp that 8 w leds can replace a lamp that 32 w dome light. Electric power can save more than four times. 2. 2 long life LED the life of 100000 hours, to more than 10 times longer than fluorescent light, even the highest life expectancy of tricolor fluorescent lamp life 10000 hours, more than 5 times that of also, in some installation position high place more show the advantages of long service life, reduce maintenance costs. 2. 3 do not contain mercury 2. 2 4 no ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution. 5 can according to need to provide a variety of color temperature light, usually 2550 - 3700 DHS K, and 4000 - 7000ºK。 2. 6 glass parts, resistance to shock, vibration, easy to transport. 2. 7 don't need aluminum alloy heat sink, low cost, light weight LED to absorb dome light is gradually mature, than the traditional tubes absorb dome light can show great price advantage, you can enjoy the environmental protection and energy saving of bright life.
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