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LED clean panel light, let you know the panel light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-26

LED clean panel lamp merchants think that let you know panel lamp

1. Features of panel lamp diffuser

a. The panel lamp diffuser plate is convenient to process, can be hot bent and thermoplastic, and has no influence on the material properties.

B. The texture is smooth and smooth, and the visual effect is high-grade and beautiful, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, stable, UV-resistant and weather-resistant. The PMMA diffuser can be used for a long time below 80 degrees Celsius.

c. The traditional panel lamp diffuser plate is frosted on the surface of the material, with low haze, high light absorption rate and low light transmittance, which can only reach about 50%.

According to the characteristics of lamps on the market, especially the characteristics of panel lamps and downlights, based on optical grade PMMA/PC and other plastic plates, advanced optical design and diffusion materials are adopted and processed through scientific formula, the light is continuously refracted, reflected and scattered between chemical particles and resin, thus scientifically adjusting the light propagation direction, thus making the diffusion plate product have high light transmittance and good light diffusion effect.

2. Application field of panel lamp diffuser

a. The diffuser plate is suitable for side light source LED lighting lamps, such as panel lights, advertising light boxes, professional viewing lights, and is usually used with light guide plates.

B. The diffuser plate is suitable for LED lighting lamps with direct light sources, such as downlights, grille lamps, high-grade aluminum lamps, etc.

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