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LED bulb is broken in which good?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-13
LED bulb is broken in which good? LED bulb is broken in the home, went to the lighting market to see, see more dazzling. Various models, various materials, various specifications, the prices are generally low, that what should I do? There are many different kinds of LED lamp, it will make some choice dyslexia consumers hard to choose. Now let constant way small make up a brief introduction of the types of leds. At present, the LED fluorescent tube mainly have three kinds of different package material, aluminium tube leds on the market the most common LED tubes, because aluminium tube is the biggest advantage of good heat dissipation, which greatly reduced the LED, the difficulty of heat dissipation, light and not easy to break, but the biggest drawback is aluminium, aluminium tube aluminium prone to leakage phenomenon, so lead to lu: su LED lamp is not very safe. Second, all leds can aluminum-plastic tube as its shell is the presence of aluminum so lead to insecurity, all LED lamp bulbs that don't contain aluminum elements can have naturally been developed. All good thermal conductivity, can and do well the physical insulation. But plastic nature has its inherent shortcomings, that is cooling, the possible deformation tubes to work long hours, aging. The problem to be solved. The advantages of three, glass tube LED lamp glass lamp is the most outstanding, the heat dissipation, light transmittance, safety, and life is the best choice. Because its material is glass, unavoidable characteristics of fragile, so whether it is in the process of production or transportation process need to be very careful, but often a loss. Below is constant directional lighting new products and new pull type LED stent intubation is light green low carbon environmental topics in today's era, for LED bulbs is accepted, more and more people begin to choose the LED fluorescent tube as indoor lighting light source. Buy LED lamps and lanterns, of course, the most important is safe, secondly is the price.
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