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lawsuit filed in \'big dig\' death

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-07
On Tuesday, the family of a woman was killed in a large excavation tunnel when her car had 12 tons of concrete ceilings, she is working on the MIT toll road administration and contractor project on the highway.
In the lawsuit, the husband and eldest daughter of the 39-year-old Milena Del Valle charged the authority and 10 companies with negligence in her death on July 10.
The action filed in the Suffolk high court did not seek the specific amount of damages.
\"It\'s hard to imagine a worse situation, someone just driving, 3,000-or 4,000-
The pound cement board, which was inadvertently attached to the ceiling, fell and crushed a person, while her helpless husband could not extricate himself and finally managed to get from 12-
When she died in pain, he also had an inch of space himself, \"said Jeffrey Dana, a lawyer representing Del Valle\'s husband Angel.
Jon Carlisle, spokesman for the toll roads authority, said in a statement: \"What happened in Milena Del Valle should not have happened and we are willing to discuss the matter with our family and their lawyers.
Hot news heat wave 2019 Iran has arrested the British tanker prisoner Lagu, released under the first step act, recalling that the death of Del Vale led to the closure of the tunnel and roads and triggered public anger over $14.
The 6 billion largest excavation project under downtown Boston.
The collapse of the tunnel led to the resignation of Matthew amorio, president of the toll roads authority, who succumbed to political pressure from the government.
Mitt Romney and others
The most expensive highway project in the United States. S.
The ancient elevated Central Artery was buried by a series of tunnels, ramps and bridges.
It has been plagued by leaks, debris drops, delays and other issues related to the wrong construction.
When part of the ceiling of Interstate 90 connector tunnel collapsed, the delvalis was driving to Logan International Airport, killing Mirena Delvalle.
Angel Del Valle climbed out of the window.
The three children of Del Valle, including her eldest daughter and 23-year-old plaintiff Raquel ibala Mora, all live in Columbia.
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