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joey fatone thought his clues were a little too easy

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-27
Joey fatong was one of the first guesses of The Mask Singer rabbit, but he still fooled some people.
From the beginning, it was clear that the tall white rabbit in tights was a member of a boy band and there was no synchronized thread anywhere you looked.
He was used to singing in sync, and the last mask standing was \"will be me\" and he \"popped up\" the whole place, not only referring to pop music, but the NSYNC song is \"popular \".
\"They keep moving forward throughout the game with puppet references (
Image of \"goodbye)
Even a episode last night, when they mentioned \"destroy Camp\", the song NSYNC recorded for the Taishan soundtrack.
For stubborn NSYNC fans, or just for those who grew up at the peak of the boy war between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, it\'s clear that it\'s a Joey fatzi in a rabbit costume.
However, even some millennials are questioning their NSYNC instincts (
Their NSTYNCTS if you want)
Because it\'s all about mask singers to make sure you\'re never really sure.
\"Out of the gate, Ken Jeong is like, I think it\'s a guy from NSYNC, probably Joey fatong, and Robin was like, yes, maybe Joey fatong at that time
So I was standing there in the first episode. -
I got kicked out. I\'m done. I\'m off.
The fat man told E: \"Goodbye, this is a package, it\'s over ! \"!
After his opening broadcast, news came from the phone.
\"To be honest, even if they really try to guess you, it\'s more of a show you\'re going to do.
That\'s why even if they guess you\'re right, it doesn\'t matter if you stay with them.
\"The panel did guess the fat man right away, but soon the clue gave them a crazy boyban goose chase. JC Chasez!
Donnie Walberg! Nick Lachey!
Kevin Richardson!
Still, the fat man said he thought the clues were \"very easy \".
\"To be honest, I have some clues. . .
I think people will like it for a fan of NSYNC or someone who has watched something like my big Greek wedding.
\"The Fat Man thinks the age of NSYNC is because more people don\'t know it\'s him.
\"It\'s a new generation of young people who have never even heard me sing because they don\'t even know what NSYNC is.
Think about it! \" he says.
\"That was 25 years ago, even more.
No clue or hint for the younger generation, that\'s amazing, that\'s really cool, it brings a whole new group of people, they have never heard my voice as soloists or singers, and now they have a chance.
Finally aired the opener last night, and the fat man said he was \"nervous\" in part because he didn\'t see any part of the show except for his own performance.
\"It\'s so funny, I\'m nervous, I even know what\'s going on.
I am very committed to what is happening because I am doing it.
\"His former band member Bassdefinitely recognized the fat man under the rabbit mask and texted him after the revelations aired.
\"Lance texted me last night and said, \'I can finally open my mouth. . .
I told people I was on the show.
He had a hint.
He came to me like after the first episode, like, man, I know it\'s you and don\'t even lie.
He said, look, we heard it, we know your voice, so you\'re not lying to me.
\"The fat man did his best to really understand the character of the rabbit wearing a tight top, adding a twitch and general sense of unease to the already terrible clothing.
He said, \"why not ? \"
\"You have to embrace it.
Maybe I went a little too far in the beginning because they kept saying \"you\'re a rabbit in the character\" and I was like \"f--
Does that mean you want me to jump around ? \" In the end, he decided to really lean towards the tights side and take advantage of the fact that there are so many small locks on the outfit to play.
\"I think, well, that guy is wearing tights, and he may have some weird ticks, and that\'s what I like.
\"The Rabbit\'s first show was alive, and Fatone said it was a show where he set the tone for the character.
All singers are really playing their roles on stage only during and after the actual performance.
Any other lens
Like a clue pack.
Fatone said it was filmed with other people in costumes.
\"When you see a clue, the clue is more or less the voiceover we \'ve done, whether you believe it or not,\" he explains . \".
\"There\'s so much going on, and when we do the vignettes, they actually have other people in costumes.
When you see the clue, that\'s not the dress I\'m wearing.
The sound is me, but the costume is not.
\"This allows all singers to make the least amount of time commitment, so they just need to focus on learning songs and choreography without having to pretend to float in front of the green screen.
The fat man still doesn\'t know who wears the rabbit costume in those scenes.
The whole show was filmed in about a month, and he said he believed it would be great as soon as he stepped on the scene, even if he couldn\'t predict how big it really was.
\"If you just don\'t know where the show is going, this is one of them.
\"Either people will absolutely like it or they will think it\'s rubbish,\" he said . \".
\"The moment I put on the costume, I turned on the LED light to make it more evil. . .
I got to the set and I saw how they put the LED on the floor and I looked around and I thought it would be great.
It would actually be a very good idea and a very good show if it was done right, and of course, where do you look.
\"Fatone talked about all his experiences in his podcast two cups of Joe, and he launched these two cups of Joe today with his host and manager, Joe Mulvihill.
The first episode interviewed Donnie Walberg (
Who is the rabbit)
And masked singer Robin Sikh.
Singer in mask
Broadcast an hour\'s finale at 8: 00 on Wednesday nightm. on Fox.
Next week keep an eye on Fatone\'s thoughts on his second season and his manager at 7-
11, is to keep The Masked Singer confidential
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