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It's difficult to make to order led flat light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-05
Customized led flat light from a narrow sense, is by understanding the customer's requirements, design and modification for led flat light; But can be interpreted as from broad sense, this is the product of the era development, is now the humanized service of customer needs. Due to the led flat light is a small volume and selling price is on the low side of the product, the birth of each new product is always in many experiments and the use of multiple products mold, so impossible to every products customized led flat light, but as long as the huge number, customized led flat light in constant lighting company will no longer be a dream. One, the size of the customized led flat light, tailored exclusive space for you, we all know, conventional flat lamp size is 600 x600mm led flat light, generally applies to workplace plasterboard ceiling. An office building after the construction of the building, is the need for the reasonable procurement of lamps and lanterns, at this time, for the long and narrow corridor or corner of the stairs, you need 1200 x300mm, 300 x300mm etc all kinds of different sizes, flat light, and customized led flat light of different size can be easily diversified chose to offer to our customers. Second, customized led flat light power, provide different brightness decorate your living situation of penchant for brightness is different, different occasions for different brightness requirements are also different. In the office, people need 36 w and 45 w even 60 w white light, because the bright place to office efficiency is made, and the same size of the led flat light, put in the home, only 20 w - 30 w may already have enough, because of the warm home, warm white or constant way is more suitable. Third, customized led flat light installations, save your precious time. Led flat light installation consists of four, we can according to the different architecture of smallpox planning for different design, such as resettlement, hoisting, spring, suction, etc. , ensure that there is always a right for you. Today, LED flat light has more and more popular with the customers, customized LED flat light will gradually achieve, this is to follow up the consumer demand is increasing day by day innovation, but also the witness of the social progress.
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