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It is a trend to replace incandescent lamps with lighting fixtures such as LED panel lamps

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-16

It is a trend to replace incandescent lamps with lighting lamps such as LED panel lamps. The low price of LED panel lamps is also a good way to save electricity charges for ordinary people, however, because there are fake and shoddy goods in the market, it is better for experts to teach you how to buy LED panel lights if you want to truly fulfill the dream of 'saving electricity and money.

The price of LED panel lights is low, because they have product characteristics such as environmental protection and energy saving, and have always been liked by consumers. Prompt us: when we buy and replace LED panel lights, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. We should know the brand of LED panel lights. Try to choose a well-known brand. The overall quality of those large enterprises is good. Although the price of LED panel lights is higher, there is a certain quality assurance in both safety projects and functions. When purchasing LED panel lights, we should not only consider the price of LED panel lights and ignore the quality;

2. To buy products with the promise of 'three guarantees', the price of LED panel lights for such products is more standard;

3. Use general fluorescent powder (Halogen powder) Perhaps all three primary color phosphors can produce LED panel lamps. For LED panel lamps produced by common phosphors, the price of LED panel lamps is relatively lower, but this kind of LED panel lamp will dim when it is used for a long time; However, LED panel lamps produced with tricolor phosphors have better brightness and color, but are relatively common phosphors (Halogen powder) The LED panel lamp is more expensive, and consumers can choose suitable products according to their own conditions.

4. Pay attention to whether the product identification is thorough, regular LED panel lamp products generally have registered trademarks, factory names, factory addresses, contact numbers, etc. The price of LED panel lamps will be higher than that of small factories;

5. Pay attention to the identification. The price of LED panel lights is low. When consumers buy LED panel lights, they should see the logo of the package or instructions clearly;

6. Don't buy LED panel lamp products with low price.

In fact, when consumers buy LED panel lights, the simplest and easiest way is to make things worse than the test. The price of high-quality LED panel lights is higher, the light emitted is completely the same as incandescent lamp, giving people a comfortable feeling. If you look directly at the lamp, you will feel eye-catching. The defective products may not have such characteristics. The light emitted is like a layer of gray, and the light color is not comfortable. Under the irradiation of this kind of light, the color will be distorted, looking directly at the light will not feel eye-catching.

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