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Is the composition of light LED flat light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-01
Is luminous principle of light-emitting LED flat light is made up of LED chip in the bottom of the patch positive light, spread out directly by the light diffuser, and the side emitting LED flat light is released by quadrilateral illuminant, again after high light transmittance of reflective sheeting and the light reflection of light guide plate out of a plane light effect. Production market is less light-emitting flat lamp led lighting manufacturer, today we have to study more rare is light led flat light. Because different luminous effect, light-emitting flat lamp needs certain thickness, it will eliminate the bright spot of led lamp bead, so is shining led flat light and side shine has the different, the thickness of the plate lamp is today we are going to study is how light led flat light. Are light-emitting flat lamp is also known as the straight down type LED flat light, generally including lamp bead, SMD aluminum plate, plate, the power supply as well as the diffusion plate, be short of one cannot. Let's step by step analysis is part of the light-emitting LED flat light. LED lamp bead patch, the aluminum board: import 2835 LED chip, 1 w/star, visual quality. LED drive power: after 20000 hours halide test of constant current drive, has passed the international CE certification and domestic 3 c certification, quality assurance you rest assured! Diffuser plate: high quality diffusion plate, how make lights shine, evenly spread down, to protect your eyes.
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