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iran says opec members who increased output should take lead on cuts

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-02
LONDON (Reuters)-
Qatar\'s decision to withdraw from OPEC shows that small producers are frustrated by the dominance of Saudi Arabia and Russia --
A senior Iranian official said the led panel added that any supply cuts should come from countries with increased production.
These comments highlight tensions within the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, and before this week\'s meeting, the meeting discussed limiting production and extending supply --
With Russia and other non-
Membership is 2019.
Iran is angry at the increase in production in Saudi Arabia and Russia, which chaired a group called the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC)
After receiving a call from the United StatesS.
US President Donald Trump will inject more oil into Iran to offset US exports to Iran. S. sanctions.
\"This is very regrettable and we understand their frustration,\" Hossein kazempur ardeb, president of the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries of Iran (OPEC)
\"Many other OPEC members are frustrated by JMMC\'s decision to place an order without OPEC reaching the necessary consensus in advance.
Oil price LCOc1 has been from 4-
In early October, oil prices rose above $86 a barrel due to worries about oversupply.
OPEC and its allies have signed supply agreements since 2017, meeting in Vienna on Thursday and Friday to discuss supply cuts.
Speaking of JMMC, Kazempour said: \"Since beginning in May, they have caused $30 losses to all members, flooded the market and caused a huge surplus, which is
\"With this kind of behavior, there is no benefit for small producers to stay in OPEC.
\"Iran believes that any measures to reduce supply should come from countries that have increased their investment --
Saudi Arabia and Russia have provided the biggest growth
Not all 25 OPEC and non-OPEC members.
OPEC countries are involved in the current agreement.
\"Now they are asking others to share the cuts.
They should cut it no matter who increases, \"Kazempour said.
\"Pilot and cooperation
The pilot crashed the plane and 25 passengers were in critical condition.
\"With the record of this failure, I doubt whether the declaration of cooperation will be extended.
By contrast, Russia and Saudi Arabia want to update and systematize the cooperation agreement.
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