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iphone of the future? apple reveals designs for stretchable screens and phones you control with your eyes

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-20
The future Apple iphone can be packed with foldable screens and controlled by your eyes.
The tech giant unveiled about 40 concept designs today, giving us a glimpse of its next major smartphone innovation.
The most important thing in the patent is a flexible display that can be extended in all directions.
Apple has clearly pointed out that Samsung is also developing rival technology, which rolls like a scroll, making tablets and phones more portable.
Apple\'s design shows a screen with an integrated sensor, which includes sensors that recognize touch using the underlying layer underneath the display.
This panel can install an array of electrical components that recognize the input control you are using. The mesh-
The company claims that the shaped layer can stretch one or more dimensions and is equipped with a stretchable LED light source to increase the brightness.
In addition to smartphones and tablets, Apple also imagines the screens used in smart clothing (
It may be to display your activity tracking statistics or medical information)and in self-driving cars (
Like it is considered to be patching as part of its Project Titan adventure).
It is said that both Apple and Samsung are developing foldable smartphones, and it is easy to see how the technology will integrate into these technologies. fi gadgets.
Another exciting patent the company has just obtained covers smartphones with \"gaze detection\" capabilities.
A portable device will obviously rely on one or more sensors, such as a camera, to detect if you are looking at it.
For example, when you look elsewhere, it will also know that it will automatically lock the screen.
This will also allow it to turn off the features that take up the battery, such as the processor or camera, or switch the device to the battery-saving mode.
Also, it allows you to control the phone.
Suppose you watch the video on YouTube, the phone may pause the clip and even turn off the screen when you leave the phone.
As early as 2013, Apple filed a patent for the technology in front of competitors, although Samsung did implement the technology in the Galaxy S4 in the same year.
But critics say the South Korean company\'s iris scanner relies more on the head.
Tracking than the real \"gaze-tracking\".
Other patents granted to Apple today include cloud phone notifications and camera lens filters.
While these are just concepts that may never see the dawn at this stage, they offer a fascinating look at the inner workings of the world\'s largest mobile phonemaker.
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