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iphone 9 release date revealed? all the latest news and rumours about specs, price and more

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-23
Apple is preparing for a brand new smartphone roster and we think we have a good idea of what we expect from the iPhone 9.
If you are eager to know what is in the store, please continue to read the latest news and rumors about the iPhone 9 release date, specifications-most importantly, the price.
It is easy to guess the release date of the iPhone 9, as Apple rarely deviates from the traditional release mode.
Apple is always in early September, usually releasing a new iPhone on Tuesday or Wednesday.
This means that we are most likely to see the iPhone 9 released on Tuesday, September 11 or Wednesday, September 12.
As far as the actual release date is concerned, Apple prefers to release it on Friday.
September-usually around 20 days a month.
The most likely date for this year seems to be Friday, September 21, so mark your calendar.
The detailed iPhone 9 leaks won\'t show up for a while, but given the predictability of the mobile industry, we can guess a lot.
First of all, Apple will definitely upgrade the next phone with a new custom phoneBuilt-in processor.
Last year, we got the Apple A11 Bionic chip, about 25 cents faster than the old version.
So for 2018, we expect the Apple A12 chip inside the iPhone 9 to be faster.
If you believe in the world\'s leading Apple analyst, the screen size of the phone will also increase.
The old iPhone 8 uses snack 4. 7-
Inch monitor, buy Ming-
He said we would see a huge 6. 1-
Inch screen on IPhone 9.
Mobile expert Imran Choudhary told The Sun that this will be done by borrowing the new iPhone X design-a large screen that touches every edge of the device.
\"From our research, we know that consumers are steadily moving towards larger shielding devices,\" he explained . \".
\"Apple can now pack 6. 5-
Considering the shrinking of the border, the inch screen is on a smaller device, and it\'s not surprising to see the device later this year.
GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives told us that big screen phones have a lot of \"demand\" in China-the country where Apple really wants to increase sales.
The bad news is Ming-
Chi believes the new iPhone 9 will use a traditional LCD display instead of a more advanced OLED screen for the iPhone X last year.
OLED panels usually show a wider range of colors and offer better contrast, but they are expensive and difficult to make.
Apple may use the LCD screen and keep the price, instead of raising the cost of the iPhone 9 (relatively)low.
The good news is that other iPhone X features may appear on the iPhone 9 one after another.
This includes the Face ID, Apple\'s facial recognition feature, which allows you to unlock your phone using the face, as well as using animated Animoji emojis.
\"Facial recognition is a potential field of silver bullet innovation that will play a central role
\"Play a stage role in the next few iPhone models,\" Daniel Ives told The Sun . \".
\"This is an obvious selling point for the iPhone X, and Apple knows that the next phase of innovation will be on the software and\" blindfolded \", not the design itself.
\"Other possible improvements include an extension of battery life and the next-
The gen version of Apple iOS software has new features.
We are sorry to say that the trend of rising smartphone costs seems to continue.
Dominic Sunnebo, an analyst at Kantar, said: \"We expect smartphone prices to rise in 2018, especially the devaluation of the pound.
\"The IPhone 8 is Apple\'s most expensive product --
The flagship phone sold for £ 699 at the time of launch, up sharply from the previous year.
According to Imran Choudhary, the price tag for the iPhone 9 will grow further, indicating that we can see the retail price of \"about 800.
This means that the iPhone 9 is still cheaper than the 999 iPhone X, but still very expensive compared to competitors.
After all, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is only 739, while the popular one plus 5t is only 449.
Let us know what you would like to see from the iPhone 9 in the comments.
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