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\'instant gratification\' -- my, how you\'ve grown!

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-12
This is the first of five.
Celebrate Earth Day series every week.
Not long ago, David Boger of The New York Times praised the miracle of the LED lights, but he lamentedtoo-
Human weakness of \"instant satisfaction\"-
Killed by led higher price tag-
Will stop them from taking off.
Boger\'s work reminds me of it.
What is instant gratification, has it changed for me?
One idea of environmental awareness is that it\'s all about fighting our desire for instant gratification.
It\'s about sacrifice now. -
Whether it\'s convenience or money or both-
In this way, in a future that we may not see, this beautiful earth will not be destroyed.
However, there is another way of thinking about the immediate satisfaction that the ecological world view is open to us.
If we \"think like an ecosystem\"-
I like to call it \"ecology\"
Remember, \"The first thing we realize is connectivity.
Maybe it changed everything.
In the process of growing up, a light bulb is a light bulb.
The car is a car.
A new dress is a new one.
What they mean to me, what I get in return ---
Instant or not instant-
It comes down to their usefulness, their aesthetics (were they cool? )
Yes, they also have the ability to \"improve\" my position in the crowd.
But some of the things about the LED article have sparked an awareness that some of the big things have changed.
My instant gratification is everywhere and often happens.
I mean, use less electricity. -
From fossil fuels and nuclear energy. -
I stopped using our clothes dryer a few years ago.
In the summer, I use a clothesline on a pulley between a big tree and my deck.
In winter, I use a wooden hanger next to the washing machine.
Now, depending on how I thought and existed before, I might think: I forced myself to give up instant gratification of drying clothes quickly because I was worried about our Earth.
But I\'m kidding myself!
A moment of reflection, I realize that every time I use my system, I get instant gratification in many moments.
I feel a little smug (
Maybe there\'s nothing to boast about.
, Save money and be smart, manipulate the convenient system and be smart. If you appear in the conversation, be proud (
God forbid me to brag about my clothes).
Oh, then the slight roughness of a line --
Dry towels, feel a bit like a vibrant loofah on my skin, and look easier to absorb as well.
Yes, I did.
But this feeling of satisfaction is very direct.
Or the new dress I mentioned.
When I was young, the meaning of a new dress was just to make me look and feel.
But I recently moved almost all my clothes shopping to a consignment shop a few blocks away from home.
Talk about satisfaction!
My purchase cost a fraction of what I used to spend.
So I think it\'s very frugal.
Traveling to a remote store without fossil fuel, I also feel great.
My boss and I were friendly, so I felt more connected to my town.
All of this is happening before I sign up and when buying a used item I trigger less resource usage.
What about those LED lights?
Problem solved!
Bogg gave my son Anthony a perfect birthday present, his super
The high ceiling in Manhattan means that replacing the light bulb requires waiting for a building repairman with an extended ladder.
Since the led is 25 times longer than the incandescent lamp, I was able to create that troublesome history.
Pogue said I realized that in over 25 years my gift could save his family $200 in replacement bulbs and electricity. And, for me?
Hey, I used to worry about my son or daughter --in-
The law is on a rocking ladder. You see?
Satisfaction everywhere.
My point is simple.
If we Environmental activists are locked in the framework that environmental activists have to fight humanity in order to win, we lose.
Instead, we can celebrate humanity. -
We desire more meaning, strength and connection. With an eco-
More and more we see the connection of all life, so the opportunities to meet these needs and more are endless.
Lappé explores these ideas further in EcoMind: changing the way we think to create the world we want, in April 23, 2013, in the paperback of national books.
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