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\'ingonyama trust\'s land not under threat, it\'s a power play\', says land researcher

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-28
President Cyril ramafusa\'s goodwill to King Zwelithini to \"bend the knee\" is not surprising, and this has to do with mining rights.
This is according to Dr. Aninka classsens, a senior researcher at the University of Cape Town (UCT)
The Department of Public Law, which gave a speech at Liberty State University on Thursday (UFS).
Clarkson, who has been working in rural communities since the 1980 s to resist forced eviction, is one of the participants in the founding ideas of the League of Democracy --Leader series.
It focuses on land reform in the context of the current national debate on non-compensation expropriation.
She also served as a high
The level panel appointed by Parliament to review land reform legislation. This high-
The panel, chaired by former President Kgalema Motlanthe, recommended the repeal of the Ingonyama Act, enacted before the 1994 democratic elections.
Since the release of the report, the well-intentioned King Zwelithini has issued an implicit threat of violence and division, who is the sole trustee of the trust.
Last week Ramaphosa skipped the community meeting in Chatsworth and instead went to ulendi to meet King Zwelithini.
The president said he assured the king in a \"wonderful meeting\" that neither the government nor the ANC had the intention to take land from the British Gloria AMA Trust.
Read: Ramaphosa told Zwelithini, King of Zulu that the land of the Ingonyama Trust was the focus of the UFC event and was hotly discussed.
According to Clarence, there is no threat to the land managed by the trust. The real problem is that Motlanthe-
The leading group dared to criticize the Ingonyama Trust.
She noted that their advice on the Ingonyama Trust was only one of several.
The trust company rents land where people own houses and land.
Reporting to the ministry of rural development and land reform and Parliament is legally binding.
During the march, the Parliament instructed the trust to stop the land lease without any effect.
\"This trust depends on the president\'s statement to ensure that all forms of supervision will cease,\" she said . \".
\"What exactly happened to KwaZulu --
Natal is the simplest form of renting a house-
She said.
\"This trust is commercializing the land that people have lived in for years,\" Clesson said . \" This, he added, adds to structural inequalities.
It\'s about multinational mining companies, she said.
In this case, he (Ramaphosa)
\"It is not surprising to bend the knee to the King, which is related to the benefits of mining and mining,\" she explained . \".
Unfortunately, the mining boom is depriving black people of their rights.
Politicians set up rent, she said.
Seek mechanisms to establish the same structure as colonialism.
Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza, the holder of the president of UCT Africa research AC Jordan, said that the reserves established by the colonial government for indigenous peoples are still in South Africa today.
\"We have to find a way to abolish the Bantustan system,\" he said . \"
Professor Philip Berg, acting dean of the School of Economics and Management Sciences at UFS, said the Ingonyama Trust fund must be reformed.
However, he said he did not think this would happen, \"especially at the time of the upcoming elections \".
Power needs to go from the chief to the community itself, Berg said.
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