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ikea pledges clean energy by 2020

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-28
Oslo: IKEA (IKEA), the world\'s largest furniture retailer, will turn to renewable energy by 2020 and plant more trees than it uses in a plan to protect nature, which winsThe Swedish-
The group hopes to build on the desire of many customers for a green lifestyle, and yesterday said it will limit sales to energy by 2016
High efficiency products including induction cooker and LED bulb.
\"This will be a huge driver of innovation,\" said Mikael Ohlsson, chief executive of the company, known for its tablets.
0. 776 billion people are expected to visit packaging and large stores this year.
Ohlsson told Reuters that he had no doubt that the \"people and Earth Positive\" strategy would save money for Ikea and its customers, although he declined to estimate the total savings.
According to the plan, Ikea will invest 1.
5 billion euros (US$1. 95bil)
From 2009 to 2015, solar and wind power accounted for at least 70% of the group\'s energy production.
By 2020, it will produce as much renewable energy as it consumes.
IKEA already has wind farms in six European countries, with 342,000 solar panels in its stores, warehouses and factories, generating 27% of the group\'s electricity.
\"Our investment in the 2015 target is less than half,\" said Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard . \".
The company will also halve greenhouse gas emissions from its operations from 2015 levels by 2010.
One of the world\'s largest timber users, 2020 of Ikea will plant at least as many trees as it makes products such as beds or cabinets.
Ikea has said it won\'t take wood from natural tropical forests like Amazon or Congo Basin.
By 2017, it will buy 10 million cubic meters of wood, half of the projected total for the year, four times the non-timber certified source
Committee on forest management.
Environmental activists support the shift.
John Solvin, head of Greenpeace UK, said the group \"puts IKEA at the forefront of leading companies\" in the face of environmental threats, trying to change their business.
Mark Kember, head of the UK
The Climate Group believes
Ikea\'s plan is a roadmap for the clean industry revolution and urges other businesses to follow suit.
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