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icff impressions: led technologies spark innovation in lighting design

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-19
The annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center in New York is an event to showcase cutting-edge design trends and innovations in product design.
The overwhelming early reaction to this year\'s show was that it was not actually impressive.
Grace Bonney, a popular blog Design Sponge, said loudly, \"ICFF is to push herself further,\" as she expressed displeasure at the lack of anything that made her feel \"excited, hopeful, or curious \"after attending.
Leading experts publicly criticized the downturn in the product
Out at this year\'s show.
However, looking closely, I find that the innovation of lighting design is rich.
At present, the rise of lighting design innovation is based on the latest technological progress of LED lighting technology. Warmer-
Burning LED light sources with soft diffuse shades paved the way for designers to redesign
Think about the form and function of the task and key lighting design. The razor-
Thin light sources inspire innovation in pronunciation, providing mission lighting with previously unparalleled range of motion.
The incandescent lamp is liberated from the lamp, bringing a lighter, thinner and more agile lighting design.
Wastberg, who stood out from this year\'s ICFF, has won the award for best lighting editing this year.
The Swedish lighting company is innovating and, in addition to the light source of the w101 lamp, the w101 lamp is designed to be Classon covisto Rune.
Biodegradable lamps are laminated by a mixture of pulp and starch polymer DuraPulp.
Arced shade, together with the energy-efficient LED light source, focuses the light on the working surface without wasting the lighting.
Wasterberg praised the award-winning design for their red dot design: \"We dare anyone to make more eco-electric lights . \".
California lighting designers Peter Stathis and Cerno also released new designs at this year\'s fair.
Designed by Peter Stathis for JOBY, the trapeze takes the least of the mission lighting to the edge through this counter
Balance hinged table lamp.
Cerno introduces the version of their Silva lamp, which is bigger than life\'s floor lamp.
Peter Stathis is a permanent hit for the award for best lighting, and he has formed a collective with JOBY, a well-known consumer product design company, to develop a new LED lighting series.
With LED technology, the lighting series has a unique flat panel design and optical light diffusion, achieving a new level of energy efficiency through generous warm light.
When Pixar made an animated desk lamp
If an animated short film exists, they may choose the trapeze. The soft-
Super luminous
The thin disk-shaped light source of the Trapeze makes all the previous hinged desk lamps obsolete, and the fluidity and range of motion are greatly improved.
ICFF also held design exhibitions around the city, with independent designers presenting their latest design ideas to the media and the industry.
The trend of innovative LED lighting solutions is happening not only in the company\'s design companies, but also in the acceptance of this technology by many forward-looking designers.
Marianne van Ooij introduced the flatlights as part of the break
Down: Design in your hands, a Design exhibition presented by StyleFactory, Design Milk and Bobby Burke home.
A flat wooden frame creates the classic outline of the lamp, while the space usually reserved for the bulb and lampshade is empty.
Two hidden LED light sources provide cascading lighting under the frame. Though live-
The edge wooden table with colored metal base may be the old News of ICFF, and the future is bright for LED lighting and designers who are currently redefining lighting categories.
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