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Hutch defends light LED flat light can be used to do?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-14
Hutch defends light LED flat light can be used to do? LED lamps and lanterns is generally in its appearance or usage, named after the hutch defends and LED lights and LED flat light is named after usage. By the name 'hutch defends lamp', we can conclude the LED hutch defends lamp is installed in the ceiling of the kitchen or bathroom LED lamps and lanterns. The appearance of LED flat light and hutch defends lamp is quite similar, but they are not exactly the same. Hutch defends a space is small and damp, so the requirement to hutch lamps, lamps and lanterns area to slant a bit small, waterproof and dustproof IP level is very high. But ordinary LED flat light is not waterproof, also there is no limit to the size, so the ordinary LED flat light is not very suitable for kitchen and bathroom. But they all have the same features: environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics, it is also the characteristics of the LED lamps and lanterns. So this advantage also makes the LED lamps and lanterns is fast into the mass families. Where there is demand there is supply, a large number of LED manufacturers into the market, factory quality is good and bad are intermingled, leading to a large number of failed products on the market sell, LED lamps and lanterns has been affected by the market. A LED hutch defends light even do waterproof and dustproof, how to make people accept?
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