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howto: get 3d hdtv for $100

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-17
The 3D TV hovers on the not-too-distant horizon, which is likely to mean an expensive transition.
Fortunately, John Sciacca offers some ideas for cheap alternatives.
Via DVice: \"The answer is to get 3D-
Get the cheap dlp TV ready and then announce it (
But still come.
This will magically make your TV compatible with the new 3D Blu-ray-ray standard.
The device is expected to cost about $100.
For example, if you pick up Mitsubishi WD-
65737, about $1,000 (
About so many second-hand models sold)
Magic Box, you spend less than half of the cheapest 3D TV Samsung is selling now.
Of course, you won\'t have a smooth shape of the flat, but if you put your set on the stand, that\'s not a big deal.
\"Click on the whole Low point: 3D TV made by John Sciacca for dummies: 10 questions about 3D TV were answered.
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