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how to use an electric pole saw

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-16
Wire saw is the best tool for cutting branches.
It is long and powerful but easy to handle.
Here are the basic steps to operate the wire saw.
It\'s great to trim the trees, especially if you have an orchard.
The first thing to do is to assemble the wire saw.
Most models have three parts.
Handle module, center extension bar, saw head module.
The handle module contains the battery box, handle, trigger switch and lock button.
The bar section of the handle module extends several feet.
Depending on the model, there may be a partially covered foam holder.
There is a screw bar at the end of the handle module.
The center extension rod is narrow and cylindrical.
There is a threaded sleeve at one end.
It\'s off-
Help guide the saw to its target.
The saw head module contains the chain, guide bar, sprocket cover and special head screws.
Most models include sword sheaths.
It covers the saw chain.
An alien wrench and oil bottle may also be included.
Put all the pieces together.
You don\'t need to use the center extension bar.
Without it, the saw can cut 6 feet of the branches off the ground.
To reach the higher branch, connect the center extension bar.
With it, you can reach the branches 9 feet from the ground.
This is comparable to other types of chainsaws.
The wire saw is powered by a battery.
There is a battery pack on the handle module.
Charge it before using it.
The typical charging time of the wire saw battery pack is 4 hours.
The charger is compatible with most sockets.
Slide the battery pack into the charger.
Some models of LED lights show that the battery is charging.
The best charging environment is 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Do not put the battery pack in a warm environment such as a metal shed or a trailer.
It can be kept on the charger.
If there is a trigger lock button, make sure it is off before installing the battery pack.
Install the battery pack into the handle module.
Click to make sure the battery pack is safe.
Check the work area before cutting.
There should be no obstacles.
The area below the branch should be clear.
Don\'t let anyone close to the tree.
A distance of 50 feet is recommended.
In this area you may be distracted by others and lose control of the wire saw.
Also check the wires.
Do not cut branches within 50 feet of the wire.
You might get electrocuted.
Before entering the work area, wear the right gear.
This includes safety glasses, working gloves, trousers, head protection and steel toe shoes.
Safety glasses protect your eyes from debris.
Cutting branches safely from trees requires a clear view.
The working glove will protect your hand from flying debris and it will help you to hold the bar chainsaw safely.
The helmet can protect the head from falling limbs and other debris.
Steel toe shoes protect your feet from falling pieces.
It can also protect the feet from damage while walking, even though dangerous areas are filled with obstacles such as logs.
This is the best way to trim branches.
Hold the wire saw with two hands.
Keep one hand on the handle and one hand on the center extension rod.
Do not over-touch when cutting, and do not raise the handle to shoulder height.
Stand firmly on the ground at a height of 2 feet, but do not stand under falling debris.
Do not stand on a ladder, step, roof or tree.
Distribute weight evenly on your feet.
Use this method when cutting branches.
Cut the lower side of the branch and pass about 1/3.
Then move the saw head module to the branch and cut the top of the branch all the way.
Let the saw reach its maximum speed before cutting each side.
Most wire saws have trigger locks.
Press it first and then the trigger.
Release the lock but keep pulling the trigger.
Cut 6 inch off the trunk
Stop every 10 minutes to check the saw.
To stop the saw, release the trigger.
Remove the battery pack and check the saw.
Wait until it cools down.
Check the tension.
The tension is optimal under this test: pull the chain 3mm from the bar and release it.
If the chain breaks, it is not tight enough.
Loosen the alien head screw and adjust the tension.
Rotate the screw at the front of the shell using a wrench (
Including sheath). Avoid over-tensioning;
This will cause wear and tear each time the battery is charged and reduce the number of cuts.
Lubrication chain.
Use high quality chain oil or oil.
SAE30 weight oil is recommended.
You can also use vegetables. based oil.
If the wire saw is not working, then try these solutions: Take the wire saw apart after cutting the tree.
First remove the battery pack from the handle.
Then, cover the saw chain with a knife sheath.
Next, remove the saw head module.
Hold the center of the saw head module with one hand and loosen the threaded sleeve with the other hand.
Pull the saw head module off the center extension bar.
Then remove the handle from the center extension rod using the same method.
With this handy guide you can operate the wire saw safely.
Please refer to it when planning to cut branches from the tree.
Everything you need to know is here.
Read more about how to use wire saw.
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