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How to Select Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-13
Light-LEDs or LED fixtures are an effective alternative to fluorescent and incandescent lamps.According to the data from the lighting design laboratory, led provides potential energy savings of 82 to 93% compared to traditional lighting types.Small size Led, long service life, up to 100,000 hours, suitable for insufficient usersCabinet lighting.Before you jump below.However, the cabinet LED light takes into account your space and your choice.LED thrust light considering temporary or budget-friendly under-Cabinet lighting.Department stores sell these batteries.powered puck-As of 2012, the light in shape was less than $10.Thrust lights may not have the most beautiful appearance aesthetics, but they can do the work for leisure spaces such as workshops or offices.Determine how much light you need.For reference, please remember the kitchen counter-often illuminated by the light below --Cabinet fixtures-5mm LEDs require about 4 to 10 watts of power per foot, or about 20 watts of power per foot for high LEDspower LEDs.You need low for precision lightingCompact cluster or uniform output light-spaced high-output LEDs.Choose between a linear LED light or a puck, both of which are suitable for under conditionsCabinet and display lighting.One or two LED inserts per cabinet usually provide enough light, while linear LED inserts must run the length of the cabinet to provide even lighting.Both fixtures last for decades, but must be completely replaced after they expire.The third option is a compact and flexible LED cord that provides lighting for very tight underwater lightingcabinet spaces.View CCT ratings.This specifies the tone or color temperature of the bulb, measured in kelvins.LED lights in the range of 2,700 to 3,500 Kelvin output warm tones suitable for WoodColor tiles and copper.Select cool-Hued LEDs in 3,500-to 5,000-Glass shelves, glass bricks, stainless steel or other cool Kelvin collections-Color environment.Choose your color.White LEDs provide basic, efficient light for practical purposes, but manufacturers also offer color LEDs, including red, blue, yellow and green.The soft blue light adds a peaceful light to the bottomThe intense colored lights of the cabinet space add dramatic effects to the space, which may add to your current decor.Select a frosted lens for a uniform, diffuse light, or clear lens to achieve a narrow and concentrated distribution.Determine your budget.LED puc usually sells for less than $100, while the retail price of strip lights is between $100 and $200.As of 2012, the price of LED ropes was as high as $900.Different types of LED lights require similar installation procedures, including the operation of the cable, wiring of the light switch, and cutting holes in the cabinet.If you feel that you are not qualified to do the installation, incorporate the cost of the professional installation into your budget-the average electrician fee for 2012 is about $60 per hour.
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