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How to judge the stand or fall of led flat light

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-07
How to judge of led flat light, is a big problem facing today's consumers. In the market for led flat light is multifarious, prices also vary widely, the led flat light of different manufacturer quality good and bad are intermingled. Even today the problem of emphasis on product quality, but still to compulsory certification standards for led lamps, led lamps and lanterns of the market at present so still in jumbly environment. Today we have a led flat light, for example is introduced. Sells on the market of 600 x600led flat lamp is the lowest price is less than 100, the highest has a set of more than 500, more than 5 times the price gap. Professional manufacturer of LED lamps and lanterns of constant road lighting in LED industry has many years of production experience, specializing in the production of LED flat light. Continue to introduce here, exactly how to judge of Led flat light. Generally speaking, the LED light source, LED flat light LED driver, aluminum alloy frame, guide plate, diffusion plate. Let's split step by step overview. A, LED light source. In effect, good LED lamp bead, should be soft luminous evenly, equal power high light efficiency, and long service life. But due to the naked eye can't identify, we can see the next step. Second, the LED drive power supply. Driver generally is the core of the lamps and lanterns, power lifespan affects the use time of the lamps and lanterns. So when choosing Led flat light, must pay attention to the two parameters: 1, power factor, high power factor driving efficiency is greater than zero. 9, use rise more. 2, unit price, a 600 x 600 LED flat light, 36 - 40 w, drive, at least 30 pieces of or so is reasonable, if less than 10 dollars, be careful. Third, outside the box. Flat lamp is generally the casing outside the function of heat dissipation, fixed flat lamp components, shape beautiful appearance and the extrusion. So the quality and technology of the outer frame, the naked eye can see directly, should pay attention to choose from. Fourth, guide plate. Good guide plate for luminous uniform, light refraction rate and photosynthetic efficiency were sent back in positive correlation. So the guide plate also affects the overall price of lamps and lanterns. In addition to the four main factors, and the spread of the lower cost of currency board and the reflector.
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