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How to distinguish between LED hutch defends light and LED flat light?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-17
LED lamps and lanterns is generally named after the shape and usage, and LED hutch defends the lamp and LED flat light mainly to distinguish the usage. As the name implies, LED hutch defends light is installed in the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen and toilet ceiling; When LED flat light installed in hutch defends the ceiling, can also be referred to as LED hutch defends light, at the same time, it also can be installed in the office, office buildings, corridor place such as sitting room. Because of the relatively small hutch defends a space between and damp, so the demand is higher, hutch defends lamp lamps and lanterns of small volume, IP rating is waterproof and dustproof to better. While common LED flat light requirements is low, there is no limit to the size, also not waterproof requirement. Design is sealed LED flat light, of course, also can used as hutch defends the lamp. LED hutch defends lights and LED lights are flat, like LED lamps and lanterns, with environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics, has now entered the ordinary families, and in fact use range is becoming more and more wide, especially in the integrated ceiling industry on the market is more and more big, the LED flat light brand on the integration ceiling sell field, LED the market price to fight the malignant competition is inevitable, a large number of failed products on the market like violates the longevity and LED energy saving, environmental protection durable real value, and seriously affect the long-term and healthy development of the integrated ceiling LED flat light. In more and more attention to the quality of life in modern life, the use of LED flat light place gradually more trenchant, used for LED hutch defends light, LED stair light, LED office lights, but there is an important problem, how to distinguish between LED flat light quality is good or bad? A good quality LED hutch defends light and LED flat light main basic conditions such as heat lamps and lanterns, lights, lamps and lanterns, driving power supply quality and workmanship of lamps and lanterns, so the choice of the LED manufacturer is also very important.
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