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How to choose the suitable led flat light office

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-06
Office is the longest each white-collar in addition to the home stay, nine to five, and even to work overtime, stayed in the office, so, choose the appropriate office lighting is critical, because the office of the lamp can not only provide basic lighting conditions, the lamps and lanterns of soft not glare can also be the protection of our eyes play a role. So how to choose a suitable office led flat light? A led flat light, office lighting is very important. Because the office need a high brightness of the environment, so even during the day, also need to open the office lighting lamps and lanterns, a day at least eight hours of work, should choose bright and soft light, so as to reduce glare and let a person feel tired, to provide employees with a comfortable lighting environment. Second, should choose bright led flat light the brightness of the general office of office should be 3 times of household environment brightness, therefore, should choose high photosynthetic efficiency, wide lighting scale office led flat light, and, before the installation of lamps and lanterns, we should deal with the lumens value of lamps and lanterns, how much space is suitable for the office, keep absolute bright office environment, can let employees more efficient. Third, energy-efficient, office buildings are chosen his office energy-saving led flat light is absolutely popular lamps and lanterns. Work more than eight hours a day of lamps and lanterns, high power factor of power supply, led lamps and lanterns is definitely more province electricity. At the same time, we can pay attention to, at the time of switching power supply, the shorter the the start time of lamps and lanterns, no stroboscopic, and illustrate the power, the better, the more reassuring. According to the above situation, this kind of led flat light were recommended for everybody. The constant way office led flat light, high photosynthetic efficiency, luminous evenly and not dazzling, no radiation, green environmental protection, very suitable for office use.
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