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how to choose the right led dimmable driver

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-01
The LED dimmable driver is a power supply for LED lights with dimmable function, which means that it combines the power supply of LED lighting with the dimmer function and saves costs.
So how to choose the right dimmable driver for your LED lights?
First of all, you have to make sure that the LED light is dimmable and which dimmer types it supports, such as Triac or PWM.
Triac support for general AC high voltage led (phase cut)
The dimmer and the DC low voltage led support the PWM dimmer.
The LED dimmable driver is designed with AC input but with AC output and DC output versions.
The AC input LED light uses the AC output version and integrates the Triac dimmer function.
The DC output version provides a constant current and constant voltage version for DC input LED lights and integrates the PWM dimmer function.
After confirming the LED lighting type, you can select the corresponding LED dimmable driver.
In order to use the dimmer function, additional controllers are required to send dimming signals.
The control signal can be from the traditional 0-
10v to modern advanced RF wireless, dmx5 12, DALI, etc.
It depends on which control signal your LED driver supports.
On the other hand, the controller can be designed with different operating methods including buttons, knobs, handheld remote controls and full touch screens, all of which have their own shortcomings.
You can choose according to your preferences.
The reliability and stability of buttons and knobs are the most popular and they are widely used for general lighting control.
They provide dimming and switching functions, and the dimming range can be from 0.
1% to 100% without flashing.
Wireless handheld remote control is a great option if your driver supports RF wireless control, it can control up to 20 m and is portable, or can be fixed to the stand.
The full touch panel is an innovative design that supports dimming and switch full touch control.
Touch sensitive smooth, no flashing when dimming.
Your favorite brightness can also be remembered and stored.
The next time power is powered on, the controller will automatically revert to the last brightness before the power goes off.
Another humanized function is the backlight design with LED indicator light, which can be blind controlled in the dark.
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