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How to choose and buy high power LED ceiling lamp

by:Dolight LED Panel     2020-09-06
How to choose and buy high power LED ceiling lamp with rising home for house decoration, LED ceiling lamp is also changing, from the ancient traditional halogen lamp, constantly to diversify, to luxurious beautiful beautiful ceiling chandeliers. Because of our worship is the aim of the practical give priority to, focus on the concise fashion LED ceiling lamp, high power LED ceiling lamp is absorbed droplight of luxury and style, and adopted the method of installation type suction a top, avoid the shorter room can't install the defects of large lighting. Do the practical, the effect of energy conservation, environmental protection and decoration. Today is the key to look at the high power LED ceiling lamp. A, how to choose high power LED ceiling lamp? At least from over 40 w is high power LED ceiling lamp. The choose and buy at the mall LED ceiling lamp should pay attention to three points. 1. Is to see if the product mark on the packaging is complete, the specification, labeling should include production businesses and trademarks, product model, power frequency voltage ( The three different in different countries) 。 2. Whether the lamps and lanterns contain certification standards, domestic recognition CCC safety certification standards, such as the eu CE, American UL, C - Australia Tick, etc. Three is to see whether the lamps and lanterns to see if there is any breakage, finger can't touch the electric parts. Second, LED ceiling lamp how to install? Installation steps are divided into three steps: 1, shut off the power switch, in order to avoid leakage occurred in the installation process or get an electric shock, etc; 2, the bottom cover first fixed on the wall or ceiling; 3, directly to the button on the lamps and lanterns and light body gently push, push to the right turn 45 °, the lamp body can be fixed on the ceiling. The size of the three, it is suitable for places how to arrange? The size of the lamps and lanterns applies place decided to apply the size of the ceiling. Within 300 mm small wattage LED ceiling lamp, suitable for installation in the hallway, bathroom; 400 mm or more in diameter and high power LED ceiling lamp, is recommended to install on the 17th. About 5 m squared room. At the same time, workplace use ceiling light flux is generally 2 - home lighting Three times.
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