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how to change led color

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-27
There are many colors and types of LEDs/LEDs.
This trick is very useful if you need color LED.
For example: if you have an LED like a white LED and you need a red LED, don\'t buy a new one, just try this trick! ! ! OK Let\'s Do It! !
First, take a paper towel and cut it slowly with scissors like an image.
After that, cut the transparent tape 5 cm.
Next, get the color tag and apply it to an organization like image 1.
After that, wrap the tissue to the LED like image 2 and 3, turn on the LED and see the results! !
Is a cheap way to change the color of the LED!
One more thing is that you can use it under all the lights! ! !
Thank you for looking at my work!
Hope you like this!
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