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How to buy LED panel lights?

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-12-15

with the LED the rise of lamps gradually on the energy-saving decorative of road led panel light for its unique of structure and smallpox perfect fusion one of design, gradually into the people of sight but led is emerging industry a lot of things are also no formation specification so in select of when certain to polished eyes! Now Guangzhou KangXu lighting tells you some matters needing attention in the purchase of LED panel lights.

1. Basic parameters of panel lamp:

1 luminous flux, luminous flux refers to the radiant energy that the human eye can feel. It is equal to the product of the radiant energy of a certain band per unit time and the relative apparent rate of the band. Unit: lumen (LM)

2 color rendering value, the degree to which the light source is realistic about the color of the object is generally 100 between 0 and 100Ra, which is the most ideal value

3 color temperature, is the scale representing the light color of the light source, in K (Kelvin).

4 power, power is the maximum power when the appliance works normally for a long time, and is also the electric power when the appliance works at rated voltage or rated current.

5 input voltage range the input voltage range of UPS, that is, the variation range of UPS allowable mains voltage, that is, to ensure that UPS does not switch to the mains voltage range of battery inverter power supply. The larger the range, the better the adaptability of UPS. Generally, the input voltage range of UPS should be 160V ~ Between 270V or wider.

6 types of light sources. Our common types of white LED light sources have two primary color phosphor conversion; Three primary color phosphor conversion; Multi-Chip White LED light sources and other three types.

7 quality assurance is how long the manufacturer can guarantee the use of the products sold.

8 Glare Index is an indicator to predict and evaluate the uncomfortable glare condition of indoor working environment. International Lighting committee uncomfortable glare Technical Committee (TC-3. 4) The recommended international general glare index CGI, as a measure to evaluate uncomfortable glare, is equivalent to the UK's uncomfortable glare index BGI.

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