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how madison square garden co. is aiming to make every seat the best in the house

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-13
New york-sitting in the last row of the iconic Radio City concert hall in New York, the voice of a robot says a word in the amphitheater.
\"You hear my voice coming from a speaker that is located on the back wall of more than one football field from your current position.
\"Sound does not spray at high volume, even if it is from 100 (about 328 feet)
Located on the speaker array in the lower left corner of the Wireless City stage.
However, it sounds as loud and clear as this reporter is standing directly in front of it.
\"Welcome to the future of audio technology . \"
The technology, called beam-forming audio, sends the sound directly to a specific location rather than spreading the sound through the site.
The system, developed by a German company called Holoplot, is one of the central components of MadisonSquare Garden Co.
The company announced on Thursday that the new 18,000-seat MSG Sphere arena will open in Las Vegas on 2020.
Later this year, witheat here broke ground near sands Venetian and Palazzo complex, which aims to change the way audiences experience concerts and events, with features including the Internet for each seat, the Bass passes through the floor and screen that extends to the ceiling.
The Sphere section is the result of the formation of MSG Ventures, which was created after $17.
Sales of cable TV operator Cablevision 7 billion.
People watching pop electronic dance music concert flockto Madison Square Garden (EDM)
The Swedish artist\'s House Mafia and Deadmau5 let CEO and executive chairman James Dolanwant wonder why people are there.
Different from rock or hip hop
During the hop event, the artists performed and performed the jumping concert on the spot. \"All the art actually happened before the show. . .
\"Then the show basically started,\" Dolan said . \".
\"What I got out of it was not just the show, the lights and the music, but together, Dolan told USA Today after previewing the technology being incorporated into the sphere.
This new arena will be built for these types of experiences.
Fast internet access at each seat and throughout the venue, allowing activities-
Viewers share what\'s happening on stage with friends on social media and create interactive experiences with performers and hosts on stage.
\"It\'s not just about what\'s going on the stage, it\'s about what\'s going on inside the entire audience.
Market in the increasingly crowded Las Vegas Arenathe 650,000-square-foot T-
The mobile arena opened on 2016 on the famous Las Vegas Avenue, while Oakland Raiders in the NFL are building a $1 building.
9 billion, 65,000 stadium will also open on 2020
Not only does Sphere need to attract customers, it also needs to attract artists and activities.
There is no hockey or basketball here, \"you don\'t see hockey or basketball,\" Dolan said . \" Dolan also has New York Knicks, Rangers and free sports teams.
\"The most sporting thing you will see is fighting.
\"MSG has made a big bet on technology, adding features to the field to make it stand out in entertainment and conferences.
The outside of the sphere is a dome with 190,000 linear feet of LED lighting, or an end of about 36 milesto-
End by enabling it to light up or display customized images and videos for each event that is occurring.
The camera system located inside the dome can even broadcast to the housing so that anyone outside can see the events inside.
Different camera systems set up around the city will be able to use real-
The time images and videos around it make it seem to disappear.
180,000 square feet, about 4 acres, high
The resolution screen extends almost to the roof of the entire arena, providing an immersive visual experienceup, 360-
Degree IMAX display.
In contrast, the ceiling space of the Radio City concert hall is about 35,000 square feet.
For those EDM enthusiasts, there is an area in front of the stage to play the bass through the floor, working with the holographic plot system, giving fans a new way to feel the music.
While the huge dome exterior and the huge interior display will catch people\'s attention, the holographic plot system has the potential to really change the experience inside.
In different presentations, the same speaker system played both agerman and English voice.
While this can often be a headache, thanks to beam-forming technology, the system is able to direct German to the reporter\'s location and English to colleagues a few feet away.
When we changed places, I heard German clearly when he heard it.
It\'s all without any fancy headphones or the US. N. -
A style translation device that must be placed on the ear.
MSG has an ambitious plan for the technology.
While its debut in the MSG space may have to wait until 2020, David Dible, CEO of a venture capital subsidiary with a 25% stake in hololplot, the company hopes to bring the technology to Radio City later this year for its annual rocket Christmas show.
The company also has big plans for Sphere.
In addition to Vegas, it plans to open a venue in London while exploring how to bring some venues into people\'s homes, a move that will make Dolan\'s days in the cable industry even more
\"We are building very large spheres right now, but we can build one that is half the size of a quarter,\" Dolan said . \".
\"In the end, we may put one in your house.
\"A\" family dome \"added with a smile.
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