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housewarming: landscaping, new door and shutters do the trick to refresh exterior

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-25
Half of the second owner
Independent Home in ND. G.
The property was purchased on 1998.
Although built in 1951, it is still in its original state.
Vintage Vinyl kitchen chairs and tree rack tables that match the green counters are even part of the deal.
Their neighbor was an avid gardener who designed a beautiful rock garden in his frontcourt.
But these homeowners are not avid gardeners, so the linear low
Maintenance of shrubs will be a better option on this side.
Above the dam, the ground on the right seems to be lower.
After the lawn is removed, the left side must be lowered so that the surface on both sides is equal and completely flat.
The two front slopes should also show the same spacing and ends in perfect alignment.
As a psychological divider between the two attributes, the three pyramid-shaped evergreen trees should be evenly distributed only at the top.
The owner is ready to change the porch, stairs, doors and windows.
In the gray beige pavement, like the color of the facade decoration, the porch and steps should be a little larger than the cement frame around the door.
The new railing will consist of rectangular boards, which are dyed with charcoal on opaque finishes.
They will be connected to a simple black iron frame without any spindle.
Near the street, the stair platform and the thin bed bars on both sides should be as wide as the stairs.
One step lower than the flat top of the bank, a slender path will merge into the stairs and lanes.
At the bottom of the slope, flat paving dividers should be installed to prevent the lawn from invading the soft-to-the-
Touch evergreen trees.
These plants will provide slopes.
In the fall, they become copper, just like the book block next to the porch.
On the edge of the driveway is a string of purple SUGEN plants that should be aligned with another bed on the right.
On these fronts, on the right, some stepping stones provide a way to water the flower box without stamping on the citrus yellow crust. Thismade-to-measure nine-inch-
The high case will span the entire length of the window housing and should be dyed in charcoal or black. Ebony Shaker-
Blinds are used for all windows.
The new black goalkeeper features four rectangular frosted panes in size of 1950 s.
A new electrical setting should be added to the right side of another fixture.
Both should be black, simple and generous.
Top with strong customization-
The made grid should be aligned with the top of the larger window.
This grid structure will be fixed to the right side of the wall by dyed charcoal.
The weeping ornamental tree should be located near the left front of the left bed so that it does not visually invade the grid site.
The green roof looks old.
In order to get along well with the new elements on the facade, I will choose cedar-
Wooden tiles in black and dark gray.
Metal flash, sheet and soffits should also reflect a color of the roof in a matte finish.
The lawn and landscape must be maintained at any time, especially at the beginning.
The roots of all new weeds should be completely cleared so that they do not appear again.
A thick layer of black covering in the bed will step in to minimize the trivia of weeding and watering.
When planting, the good neighbors next door can give wise advice on respecting the direction of the spacing on the indicator card inserted in the pot. (from left)
: Jinji children of North China (
Grafted on the trunk, yellow flowers, left side in front of the left bed)
Emerald Gold (
Long lasting shrubs, yellow and green leaves, left side of the left bed and next to the evergreen tree of the pyramid)Sedum Xenox (
SUGEN plants, pink flowers, slightly purple leaves, the last row of stairs in the first step)Lamium Aureum (
Pink Flowers, yellow leaves, larger beds)
A pile of burning Earth (
Shrubs, pink flowers, red leaves turn into orangey in autumn, then into orangey again, left front and right front of evergreen trees in Northeast China)Taxus Brownii (
Spherical evergreen tree, copper color in autumn, requires regular fertilization of evergreen tree, next to the first set of stairs near the foundation)
Clematis (
Climbers, purple flowers, compost, thick black covering on the bottom, pruning in early spring, plaid)
Microbial group decomposition (
Evergreen shrubs of copper color in autumn, widely planted on slopes)
Monthly golden chicken chrysanthemum (
Cebu plants, yellow flowers, ethereal leaves, along the path near the street)
Super Clock (
Mixed flowers in pink and purple, flower box)
Mika Ynez ranch seneca Theo (
Overlay greening, flower box)Thuja Smaragd (
3 pyramid-shaped evergreen trees, only on the bank at the top of the plane)
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