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house republicans want a special counsel for clinton, not trump

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-05
Sometimes the line between House Republicans and their comics gets blurred.
In other words, if Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have their way, we will have two parallel investigations: one is special --
Investigating Trump\'s lawyer
A Russian scandal, and a special one.
Investigation into Hillary Clinton
There is no reason to believe that the Justice Department will take such a request seriously, but we live in a very strange era and it is better not to make any assumptions.
Please also note that even without a second special adviser, the House Judiciary Committee is prepared to move forward with Clinton\'s own investigation.
The Washington Post reported on the Republican Party this week-
The leading group has begun demanding a new round of Clinton documents.
Relevant review.
Coincidentally, it all happened after Donald Trump recently insisted that Clinton\'s imagined \"crime\" would be under investigation.
The actions of the House Judiciary Committee are laughable on their faces, but when people remember that the group refused to do any meaningful work on the Russian scandal, they were even more jarring.
A foreign rival launched a spy campaign to subvert the US election-the worst attack on the US since 9/11-and a Republican majority on the House Judiciary Committee, it has a unique responsibility in this area, but largely ignores the whole event.
This same House panel is also an insult to pretending not to take note of the relevant developments, including the president\'s alleged obstruction of justice.
During the water gate incident, a hearing was held by the House Judiciary Committee, which provided important clues about the misconduct in the White House, but in the Trump era, republican lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee are reluctant to get rid of Hillary Clinton\'s obsession.
I think of an article Slate\'s Jamelle Bouie wrote a few months ago: \"Americans think their system is run by checks and balances, but these checks and balances need to have the will to act.
Without these, they are dead letters.
It is not clear at this point whether most Republicans will take responsibility . . . . . . . [Republicans]
They accept an unqualified, unstable dictatorship with contempt for the basic values and norms of American democracy.
They have promoted the potential subversion of foreign forces against our government and enhanced the dangerous ideology of racial and religious exclusion.
However, no matter what happens to Trump and his campaign, Republicans will bear the brunt.
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