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house panel releases written answers from ex-trump official

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-10
The House Judiciary Committee said a former Trump administration official served as an important witness in a Russian investigation by special adviser Robert Mueller, but was blocked by the White House from answering more than 200 questions. The Democratic-
On Monday, the led team released a written reply from Anne Donaldson, who served as the office director of former White House lawyer Don mcgang.
Both worked with Mueller to provide a vivid description of the core incident in which the special adviser investigated whether President Donald Trump was trying to obstruct justice.
Mueller\'s report has repeatedly referred to Donaldson\'s handwritten record of Trump\'s angry reaction to the Russian investigation.
Although the White House allowed staff to accept inquiries from the Miller team, the government took a more adversarial approach to congressional requests and began to block the testimony of several former presidents.
Officials including McGahn
The judicial commission is investigating whether President Donald Trump has prevented justice in the investigation, and Mueller says he cannot release the president from responsibility at this point.
Donaldson agreed to answer the committee\'s written questions, but she did not appear in the intended testimony due to her third month of pregnancy.
The panel said earlier that Donaldson would appear in court in person after November. 1.
The transcript has little new insight into her time at the White House.
In response to dozens of questions, Donaldson replied that the White House instructed her not to answer because \"under the Constitution --
The confidential interests of the administrative departments involved.
This is a new wording from White House lawyers who quoted their so-called \"absolute immunity\" when last month instructed former Trump aides to Hope Hicks would not answer questions \".
The judicial commission plans to challenge the concept in court.
Questions include what action the president has taken, causing officials to worry that he will fire at that time --
FBI Director James Comey
Trump is trying to stop Russia from avoiding the investigation at the time.
Jeff Sessions, minister of justice;
The president called McGahn to demand the removal of Mueller for apparent conflict of interest.
In several cases, Donaldson affirmed Mueller\'s reference to her notes or her interview with his office and issued the following warning: \"I have no reason to question the accuracy of the special adviser\'s office\'s description of my handwritten note or voluntary statement, although I have no access to its record of my statement.
Miller plans to give public testimony to the house judicial and intelligence committee next week.
While the judicial panel is investigating issues that impede judicial justice, the intelligence team is investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 elections.
Miller wrote that there was not enough evidence of a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign, but there was a detailed and extensive contact between the two.
Sater said on Monday that as part of the Intelligence Committee\'s investigation, the intelligence committee\'s staff will interview Felix Sater behind closed doors on Tuesday. The Russia-
The Born business executive teamed up with Trump\'s former private lawyer Michael Cohen to build the Trump Tower in Moscow before the 2016 election.
The project was later abandoned, and Cohen is now in prison, partly because he lied to Congress about the duration of the project.
AP writer Michael R.
Sisak in New York has contributed to the report.
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