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house panel backs subpoena for white house counselor conway

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-02
The House supervisory committee on Wednesday approved a subpoena asking White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to appear in court when investigating allegations that she has repeatedly violated federal laws restricting political activity for government workers.
After the White House said Monday it would not allow Conway to appear, Conway did not attend the hearing on Wednesday. The Democratic-
Led panel voting 25-
Issue a summons. Rep.
Elijah Cummings, D-Md.
The chairman of the panel said Conway\'s actions were clear --
Reduce the violation and President Donald Trump should fire her.
\"This is right and wrong.
This is about the core principles of our democracy, where no one is above the law or even Kellyanne Conway. The U. S.
The Office of Special Counsel, which has nothing to do with the Office of Special Counsel Robert Miller, said earlier this month that Conway was a \"repeat offender\" of the federal incubation act \", she slandered the Democratic presidential candidate in a televised interview and social media address in an official capacity.
Federal law prohibits administrative employees from using their official authority or influence to influence election results.
Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are not bound by the Hatch Act, but the White House staff are no exception.
Republicans say Democrats are trying to curb Conway\'s freedom of speech.
The Ohio representative said Conway often appeared on radio and television, \"she was targeted because she was good at her job . \".
Jim Jordan, a senior Republican in the panel
Instead of focusing on issues that are important to Americans, Jordan said, Democrats \"want to focus on Kylie Ann\'s tweets,\" and former President Obama\'s top advisers often appear on television, express opinions on political issues.
\"We have a political spectacle here,\" said the representative . \".
Mark MeadowsN. C.
Cummings responded that Republicans \"sadly have reached the point where they are breaking the law.
\"It\'s not illegal,\" Meadows replied.
Henry Kerner, Trump\'s appointed special adviser, said the hatch bill\'s restrictions on political activity were reasonable.
Without the law, the partisan behaviour of government employees \"could increase rapidly and seriously undermine public confidence in the government\'s nonpartisan operation,\" he said \".
Speaking of Conway, Kerner said that her \"serious and repeated violations of the incubation act, coupled with her unrepentant attitude, are unacceptable to any federal employee, not to mention being in such a situation
\"Conway\'s actions\" hurt federal employees and the American people, who may think senior officials are completely ignoring the Hatch Act and who may question the nonpartisan operation of their government.
The agency has no power to fire Conway, so it is the president\'s responsibility to fire Kerner, following Kerner\'s June 13 proposal.
The proposal marks the first time that the oversight office has recommended the removal of a White House official for violating the Hatch Act.
Trump said he would not fire Conway, one of his strongest defenders.
Conway is known for her support of Trump and his policies on television.
She helped him win the presidential election as campaign manager in 2016.
Conway denied reports of possible violations of the incubation act, saying critics were just trying to keep her silent because \"they don\'t know how to beat (Trump)
In front of the ballot box
Conway did not testify to Congress on Wednesday, but accompanied Trump to a hotel in Washington where he was speaking at the annual policy meeting of the Faith and Freedom Union.
In a related development on Wednesday, House and Senate Democrats proposed a bill authorizing the office of the special adviser
The first-level presidential appointees of the federal performance system protection committee are a quasi-
The judiciary that supervises the staff of the administrative department.
The bill will allow the performance board to impose a fine of up to $10,000 per violation.
Conway\'s \"blatant breach of the Hatch Act and the president\'s refusal to terminate her highlighted our apparent failure in our oversight system for federal employees,\" the representative said.
Jackie Speier, D-Calif. \"If Ms.
Conway wants to provide political propaganda on television and she has the right to do so
But not taxpayer money.
\"The proposed legislation\", by imposing a fine on those who violate the Hatch Act, gives the federal Ethics Act a dynamism, \"she said . \".
Associated Press writer Darlene Superville contributed to the report.
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