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his $13 million secret: \'gloving\'

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-16
Lim\'s startup, EmazingLights, started at $100 and soon became a mini-car.
Empire of EDM Niche Market (
Electronic dance music).
Headquartered in Anaheim, California
The company is best known for its gloves with LED lights on its fingertips.
Gloves go hand in hand with EDM.
\"This is a form of dance art,\" Lim, 27, said, \"and you create the movement with your hand, with the light from the gloves . \". From a one-
In 2009, Lim set up a personal startup to develop emazinglight into a 52-
Personal operations with estimated sales of $13 million in 2015.
Lin believes he is only digging a \"small part\" of the potential market \".
\"EDM is expected to be $6.
9 billion industry, \"said Lin.
\"It is very big outside the United States. S.
Now it\'s getting more and more popular here.
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\"I have two left feet.
But I put on my gloves and the lights on my gloves attracted a group of people.
I think, \'What the hell.
It\'s so cool.
He quickly realized that there were not many companies offering gloves.
\"I took $100, bought the micro-light, and made my own gloves,\" Lim said . \".
He started selling them on eBay. EBAY), Amazon (AMZN)
Craigslist, at a car park music event in his hometown of West Covina, California, came out of the trunk.
\"I made a profit in a week,\" he said, adding that in eight months he developed a large number of followers and earned $250,000 in sales.
Lim officially launched EmazingLights in July 2010.
Later in the same year, he quit his day-to-day job at Deloitte.
Today, the price of gloves is between $30 and $180.
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Back in his school days, he would burn and sell CDs and game systems.
\"We don\'t have a lot of money when we grow up.
\"My parents are from China and open a donut shop in California,\" he said . \".
\"I know you do it yourself if you want something.
\"His rapid success is timely for his family.
\"My parents retired because they were in debt.
They are about to lose their house and I can help them, \"Lin said.
Today, both his father and his brother work at EmazingLights.
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His growing empire was inspired by clothing brands.
There are also five stores across the country selling gloves and other EDM appliances.
, Lim appeared on ABC\'s Shark Tank, and he received $650,000 in investment from investors Mark Cuban and Diamond John, with a 5% stake in the company.
Lin said he was still finalizing the deal.
\"The biggest factor in my success is finding a sweet spot in the market,\" Lim said . \".
\"Since then, I have built a great team that is as talented and passionate as I am.
They didn\'t go for the salary.
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