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hike msp for chickpeas during rabi season: panel

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-17
A group led by the chief economic adviser (CEA)
Arvind Subramanian recommends that the minimum support price be raised immediately (MSP)of pulses —chickpeas (chana)to Rs.
Rabi 2016 and Rs 40 per kilogram.
Two kinds of split black grams 60 per kilogram (urad)
Red gram (tur)
2017 for autumn harvest crops
Reduce the volatility of the consumption price of beans, while increasing the income of farmers.
The government should \"war base\" procurement pulse for the establishment of 2 million tons of buffer stocks announced earlier
Subramanian told reporters after submitting the panel report to trade Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday. The CEA-
The Led panel, which was set up after the recent spike in retail prices for beans, has warned against the use of trade policies to control domestic prices as this causes policy fluctuations, it also called for the removal of the export ban on pulses and the setting of inventory restrictions. Such short-
Long term actions that obviously benefit consumers will eventually hurt them, because the output and availability of pulses will decline over time
Led panel explanation.
In turn, provide farmers with better incentives at a higher minimum support price (
Reflects the real social value of growing beans compared to other crops)
Combined with effective sourcing of products, provides the best way to increase domestic supply and prevent price increases, Dr
Samantha told reporters.
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