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graphic 8 channel rgb led panels with dmx control

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-05
Design: The design of one of the panels can be very different, my panel needs to be 44 \"x 30\" in total in 2 different designs on 3 panels \".
These designs are created in Adobe Illustrator.
Each 3 rgb led light strips can be cut into parts with 3 rgb led. 5\" or so.
So in Illustrator, I created 0. 5\" x 3. 5\" increments(3. 5\", 7\", 10. 5\", ect. ), rectangles.
I then position the rectangle into the pattern I want, only half of the layout is done manually, then copy, paste and flip to make the other half symmetrical to the first one.
The design can be anything, but keep in mind that the straps cannot be made round and that wiring can avoid using too many separate straps.
Electronic layout: After the design is completed, find out the good place for the controller installation.
My design has a controller inside that makes it easier to move and ship the panels without worrying about damage to the electronics.
But it has to have space, or if the LED strip is too close, it casts a shadow on the acrylic.
I found a good location in both of my designs.
The controller cannot be installed on the stand due to height limitation
Must be screwed to the back of the hard board.
If you want to connect it to the DMX, you also need a place to install the circuit, which is much shorter than a controller with fewer wires.
These two XLRs need to be placed near the controller so that it can also be taken into account when deciding where it is located.
The 24-channel high-current usb led controller consumes a lot of current operation (200-400ma)
, In addition to the 12v input, it also requires an ASEAN 5v input, or a 12v to 5v DC/DC converter, or a 7805 linear regulator with a good radiator.
So whether it\'s where to find the DC/DC regulator and/or the power Jack, I prefer the panel mount 2. 5mm x 5.
5mm barrel Jack because it is easy to find PSUs in this size.
Frame: The frame is made of two sizes of pine wood, standard 2x2 s (1. 5\" x 1. 5\" actual)and 0. 75\" x 1.
5 \"loose binding (
Is 2x2 points and a half)
The included chart illustrates all of this, each of which consists of two 1. 5\" x 1. 5\"x 14.
25 \"board and a 0. 75\" x 1.
5 \"x 44\" board a long way.
Backed by two 44 \"x 15\" 1/4 \"hard plates, the most important thing is to have it flush with the inside that looks, and not worry too much about the outside edges.
Two and a half (
Each half is a mirror of each other, not the same)
Attached to each side with 3 \"strap hinges from the back, the total size is 44x30x1.
75 \"will be folded into 44\" x15 \"x ~ 4 \"paint: both inside and outside are painted with matte black enamel, so it does not reflect and the effect is washed off.
The front edge of the plexiglass is painted in bright white.
When the device is lit, white will help to hide the edges better.
Hardware: The belt hinges are selected compared to the standard rectangular hinges because they are longer and more sturdy.
Once the rest of the frame is built and painted, they are installed from behind.
The bucket lock is used to support the frame when it is deployed for use.
The cheap barrel locks at Home Depot are a bit loose, so they are squeezed on a pair to make them tighter.
One is required, but two will be better, one on each side of the two panel hinges.
Both parts of the barrel lock deviate slightly from the center, so the bucket must be forcibly inserted, which also helps to tighten the frame when it is erected.
Controller position: the controller position should have been determined with the design before this step.
Usually a metal bracket.
Dismiss the worker, install the controller, but in this design the height is a problem because if the controller is high and close to the LED strip, the shadow of the controller will be cast onto the acrylic resin.
I cover the bottom of the controller with plastic and screw them onto the hard board.
Layout LED light bars: this can be easy if you are doing a simple design, which can get very complicated if you have a complex design.
There are many ways to solve this problem, and some may be better than others.
But I first mark the center with masking tape, and then use the marks on the LED strip, such as the LED or strip cutting separation point, to arrange simple horizontal and vertical strips.
Once the simple one was placed, I used a square, tape measure, ruler, 45 degree ruler and even a protractor to locate and connect the LED strip.
There are quite a few estimates and guesses, but it turns out it\'s all close enough.
Connecting Electronics: once the 24-channel high-current LED controller is completed and any additional circuits are built such as DMX interface, DC/DC converter, etc, screw the controller and any other circuit onto the panel.
I used some VHB tapes to fix the DC/DC converter to the side.
Panel I use, 24 channel high current LED controller, 12v to 5v DC/DC converter, DMX-
512 to serial adapter, XLR input and output, and DC jack for panel installation.
The connector boundary and the location of the interconnect are first connected (XLRs, PWR)
Marked as last installed, so they won\'t get in the way during wiring.
Shown in one of the images, but after building the rest I flipped the DMX-
The 512 to the serial adapter mounted on the holder is reversed with a cut-out and reaches the DIP switch from the back. For stand-alone(
No DMX or USB control)
It is recommended to use the full version of ColorMotion compatible firmware, where you can create and upload a pattern created by the user to the device, which will run them on its own without a computer.
For real-time control of USB, the demo or full version of ColorMotion compatible firmware can be used.
Real-time mode communication between each supporting PC and device using a simple serial protocol, code examples can be used to write your own interface.
Panel Installation of USB type
USB connectivity can be simplified using a right-angle B Jack. For DMX-
512 control, ColorMotion version 2 compatible firmware or custom firmware is required for 24-channel high current usb led controller (
Free open source and compatible with HID boot loader
Available for download.
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