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govt forms niti-led panel to monitor pricing of drugs | india news - times of india

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-04
Mumbai: The government on Monday set up a standing committee led by Niti Aayog to oversee the drug pricing system, a move that could undermine the power of the drug pricing regulator of the state drug pricing administration (NPPA).
The standing committee on affordable medicines and health products will be led by members of NITI Aayog (health)
In addition to the Minister of Health Research, the director-general of health services and the deputy secretary-general, the chief economic adviser
President of the national list of essential drugs (NLEM)
And the joint secretary for industrial policy and promotion.
The notice, issued on Monday, said that the Commission would be a \"recommendation agency on the price of medicines and health care products\" and may look into the following issues
Moto or based on advice from the pharmaceutical, NPPA and the Ministry of Health.
This development was carried out in the context of the recent running
There are different opinions on price regulation between the health and pharmaceutical departments, but now the power center may turn to a policy think tank.
The source said that the proposal had been working for nearly a year and was first discussed between Niti Aayog and PMO on April with the aim of amending the drug price control order No. 2013.
Health activists believe that the Commission has been given full authority to oversee the pricing system at the expense of undermining the NPPA, which could have an impact on the affordability of drugs.
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