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glass hexagon led pixel fixture

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-06
Artwork based on LED pixels, designed to demonstrate the potential of NLED controllers and software.
Built around a pickup fixture made of welded bronze and glass, it can be traced back to its 70 s.
Combined with standard APA102 Pixel bar, custom hexagon APA102 pixel LED panel, pixel controller electronics, ESP8266 WiFi module with addon card.
There are a total of 132x APA102 pixels in the fixture, all of which are controlled by each other.
The color sequence is created in the NLED Aurora control software and then uploaded to the pixel controller via USB or WiFi.
When the storage sequence is powered on, the controller can run the storage sequence without a computer connection, which is called Independentalone mode.
Aurora software allows programming different aspects and locations of pixels into the software and is used to create color sequences that the fixture will run.
Complex protocols, transmitters, or additional software are not required to interface with the controller.
The NLED Aurora control software is free for anyone with an NLED controller.
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ComUpdate: For more information about LED and pixel-based projects, please check the LED project Guide.
Files such as Aurora save files, pixel patches, drilling files, and art files can be found in the ZIP folder of this step.
Hardware Supplies: electronic supplies: cover plate & housing wiring :(
No real coverage)
Tools: Software: Prepare the fixture: Found the lamp in the bin and salvaged it.
It is very strong.
Decoration: prepare LED Pixel support structure: apply LED pixel strip: APA102 LED panel-
Hexagon with 30 pixels :(
It shows an earlier version of Green, now Black)
This is a piece that brings everything together and gets the most attention from the people who see it.
Building with the right tools is not difficult.
Support Structure: acrylic rod assembly: this step really depends on how the fixture is put together.
This is rather difficult because it is not made for standard ceiling boxes.
In addition, the fixture itself prevents a lot of access to any installation method.
Use a combination of standard fixture brackets and some of the ideas it installs.
The fixture is installed on the modified electric ceiling box, which is powered from the DC power supply through hollow threaded pipes.
Then fix the LED tube on the thread pipe inside the glass fixture.
Finally, the acrylic bar panel is placed at the bottom of the glass fixture, flush with the LED tube and connected to the matching vinyl strip.
This project uses a very specific layout of pixels to create color effects.
There are internal Velcro tubes and bottom acrylic bar panels that make it important for the effect to be able to work independently.
Controller: The Northern Lights electronic design products, pixel controller electronics are used here.
The controller selected due to the ability to control the pixels of many chipsets, and the dynamic color sequence can be created in the software, uploaded and stored on the Pixel controller.
This allows it to play a special color sequence while powering on, and the sequence running the storage does not require a computer or software connection.
The NLED pixel controller is compatible with various WiFi modules and the only requirement is that the module must be able to bridge transparently.
This means that it will not send AT or similar commands.
The data sent and received is sent in the original form with no format or command.
Any controller that can control APA102 pixels can be used, such as Arduino.
Or with DMX or other protocols, the fixture can be controlled from MADRIX or similar software applications.
Programming and configuration: this Youtube video covers software and color sequence programming for this fixture.
Some topics are covered in the tutorial video series or documentation.
Access to the NLED Youtube Channel cover: This covers the electrical box, the power cord and the power supply: there is not so much coverage.
A project has been in the production process for a long time, during which there are many additions and adjustments to make it a beautiful performing work.
In order to control different aspects of the part with little technical requirements and overhead, many software and hardware functions need to be implemented.
Continuous improvement and updating of NLED controllers and software.
Contact any feature request or bug report.
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