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first drive: bentley’s continental gt packs a whopping 467kw punch

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-04
Bentley\'s Continental GT is very grateful for the stability of Porsche and Lamborghini. Pic: Supplied.
Source: With the help of friends and family, the first New World GT in 15 years for supliedbentley has arrived, especially Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini Urus.
Porsche\'s contribution has not immediately appeared, but the mainland rides on the modular Volkswagen Group platform, which first appeared under the brand-new Porsche Panamera, will support the upcoming Bentley coach.
Currently, it forms the benchmark for a truly remarkable luxury travel coupe, which is lighter, more luxurious, more advanced, and more spacious than the model it replaces.
Bentley Continental GT is the same base as Porsche Panamera.
Image: Supplier Source: The supplier living under the hood is 6. 0-litre twin-
The turbo engine looks familiar, but it\'s a big difference from the previous Bentleys.
The W12 engine, shared with the benignga super SUV, not only has sales dropped by 30 kg, but it is fundamentally re-developed. engineered —
When the front drive shaft passes through the pool --
Make it suitable for the smaller engine compartment.
467 KW of the electricity goes through a new 8-
Speed ZF transmission.
Fuel delivery includes a number of complex pipelines that combine port injection from old cars with direct injection to get more power to ensure that the W12 complies with the new emission regulations.
The upgraded twins
The scroll turbochargers eliminate the lag almost.
Artwork: Bentley W12 engine.
Image: Supplier Source: The supplier reduced the cylinder displacement by six cylinders during the cruise to help improve fuel economy.
Bentley estimates that in the range of 800 km kilometers, in our test of more than 600 km kilometers, although there are mountain roads and high
Our average speed is better than 13 L/100 km.
Porsche dual clutch kit for gearbox-up.
With engineers beefing up the gearbox to handle the engine\'s 900 nm torque, the release of the car was delayed from the end of last year
On the way, it offers fast, almost seamless movement.
The surge in power feels almost infinite.
Although it is 2244 kg kilometers, Bentley claims that the mainland GT will reach 100 kilometers/hour within 3 kilometers.
7 seconds on the 333/hour road.
Continental GT is as fast as some supercars.
Picture: supply.
Source: SuppliedPortly it may be, but in addition to the weight saved in the engine, the new Conti also dropped by 80 kg by using aluminum and composites in the body.
The combination of more power and less weight is obvious.
The Continental team, like no Bentley before, is more like Aston Martin Huadi or amg gt.
This is undoubtedly helped by the dynamic after riding.
The roll suspension and three-room air suspension shared with benignga allow the driver to play a greater leverage in the battle of stiffness and comfort.
The air suspension provides a comfortable journey.
Picture: supply.
Source: it is not a problem for suppliers to stop.
Replacing the previous expensive carbon ceramic plates is the biggest brake on the production car --
420mm discs clamped by 10-
Piston calipers on the front and 380mm, 4-
Piston work at the rear
Although the Lamborghini disc is carbon ceramic, it is similar to the one used on the Lamborghini Urus.
The previous model had a fixed one. Wheel Drive-
Up, separated before and after 60: 40.
Today\'s GT is actually a rear.
Drive with clutch, transfer torque to forward wheel as needed.
The front axis moves 135mm forward, not only for better weight distribution, but also to make it look more positive.
Long Wheelbase (up by 110mm)
And a wider footprint (50mm)
Without sacrificing height and clearance height, give the car a confident attitude.
The embodiment of luxury: Bentley\'s leather and woodlined cabin. Pic: Supplied.
Source: The cabin maintains the Bentley logo of wood, leather and chrome, which is very different from the previous Bentley.
It feels lighter and more spacious than benignga.
Mood lighting including Shaver
Through the thin LED strip of the dashboard, enter the back along the door, mimicking the external hips.
If the buyer is not satisfied with having only one wood finish, they can specify two on the dashboard and on the door, split by a chrome strip. A new 12. 3-
The inch navigation screen is hidden behind a clever wooden panel that rotates to display three analog dials.
Bringing the mainland GT into modern times is a bunch of much-needed driving aids, such as head-
Display, active lane assist, Traffic Assist, parking assist, and reversing camera.
Which of the 2017 cars will be this year?
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