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by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-10-06
Half a decade after the French left, money denagor fell into the hands of foreigners again.
This time, the Chinese should be blamed.
The quaint city, about 35 km kilometers from Kolkata, is located on the noisy river bank with convenient transportation, clean roads and elegant architecture, at least 10,000 residents face China\'s \"invasion of about 6% of their population. \"
This 6% is directly connected to light industry-
Those who weave magic with magical lighting at the biggest Puya panda meeting in Kolkata, those who illuminate the whole city during the four-day festival, people who make it look and feel the biggest street carnival in the world.
Oddly enough, for them, China\'s \"invasion\" is a reality that helps them both float and thrive and causes heartache.
In order to contain this attack, Rs 100-crore-a-
With the help of the government, the industry is confident to double its turnover.
Filmmaker Supriyo Sen celebrated the dreams and fate of these light artists in his recently shown documentary, let have light.
From lighting works to industrial friction, his documentary shows it all when the mini bulb is replaced by a Chinese led.
This is the first time a documentary has paid attention to such a problem, and Sen is satisfied with his shooting experience.
\"When I talk to people, I realize there are so many layers,\" he said . \".
\"Among the various artists I have met, there are veteran kaninath Neogi.
Refusing to be a businessman under the lights, he is considered a man of scientific mind with a deep philosophical understanding of the subject.
\"One of the most acute points put forward in the documentary is\" long worker\"
Long term need to build a light industry center in Chandernagore.
When asking questions
This question was discussed separately in the screening response session.
\"In my interaction with the workers, I realized that they all wanted to have a center in Chandernagore where people from all over India can buy products.
If there is an electronic center in Bangalore, why can\'t Chandernagore have its light Center? “ he wonders.
The \"Chinese aggression\" in the lighting market is an important issue to split the artist group.
The 74-year-old Sreedhar Das, who was the inventor of the automatic Chandernagore lamp about 62 years ago, received an honor in Sen\'s documentary, saying it did more harm to the industry than good.
As a level 7 student, Das designed the first Chandernagore lamp for Saraswati Puja.
He sat behind the idol, and three bulbs were fixed in three tin cans whose mouths were wrapped in cellophane of different colors.
Das connects these three bulbs to a real-time circuit to maintain the time interval.
His innovation is very popular and has become one of the busiest and most respected light artists.
After five visits to London, he attended the Festival of India in Russia.
Das reported in the British newspaper that Chandernagore has now become a business place, not an art place.
The lights are cheap now.
According to das estimates, it costs Rs 8,000 even in their 80 s.
Now the same number of LED lights is only Rs 200.
The 500 X 4ft panel, which used to cost 4ft rupees, was available for only 125 rupees.
But low prices don\'t mean everything is good.
This forced a large number of artists linked to the auxiliary industry to hang their boots.
\"Our local light bulb industry is now extinct,\" Das explained . \".
\"Workers who make bamboo skeletons or wooden rollers are almost out of work.
We need workers to operate the lathe and use galvanized wire and paper industry, which gives us paper in red, blue and yellow.
With the emergence of LED lights in China, all these industries have disappeared.
\"What about the workers?
\"Some people are starting to work as workers in other industries.
Many people died in poverty.
Everything else is withered.
\"There is a chance that so many cheap labor will be better used.
\"They have been importing LED lights from China for several years,\" Sen said . \".
\"They suggest some kind of support so that Chandernagore\'s skilled workforce can make LED lights on its own.
They are familiar with the technology.
Creating a hub can change the face of Chandernagore and even Bangladesh.
\"What\'s the problem if the technology is available?
46-this is another financial issue, said Mr. year-
Old Asim Dey, considered the first Chandernagaore artist to introduce imported LED lights instead of local LED lights in Sen\'s documentary. 2W bulbs.
It helps solve the power consumption problem greatly.
From being excluded in the community to filing a lawsuit against him for the destruction of the local industry, Dey saw everything during his 24 years in the profession.
This year, he invested 45 rupees in his business.
But success did not stop him from forgetting his difficult journey.
\"I \'ve heard that a contractor got the lights from Germany and Japan for some signal works on the Kolkata phone.
I collected about 20 such lights from a contractor for free.
\"When I was 17 years old, I went to Mumbai to provide lighting for more people . \"
He went to Mumbai by train with only Rs 1,200 in his pocket.
However, it is not easy for importers to find LED lights in the largest cities.
But after a few days of searching, he found a clue.
\"I walked about 16 km to reach a market.
Gulmet Singh, a gentleman from Punjab, had mercy on me and said he would help.
At that time, the cost of importing 1,000 LED lights was Rs 14,000.
I had only Rs 210 in my pocket.
\"Something about me convinced Singhji that he gave me 2,000 LED lights for free,\" Dey recalled . \".
Back in Chandernagore, he started to improvise and decided to use low-
Voltage Controller.
\"In order to minimize the chance of electric shock, I bought a 12v converter.
\"At 2003, I made the lights for Puya in the University Square,\" said Dayi.
Those who opposed the LED lights initially had a lot of resistance.
But over time, people\'s ideas have changed.
He even inspired a girl. Arpita Das -
Break the glass ceiling and start drawing this male design
Leading industry.
\"My parents are not in the industry, but they have always encouraged me to do the job.
\"I like painting and am very happy to get this opportunity,\" she said . \"
Today, Dey dreams of getting government support to build an industry in Chandernagore that makes LED lights.
\"We know technology.
But it will take at least Rs 100 to build an industry.
Where did our artists get it? “ he asks.
Before helping build LED manufacturing in Chandernagore, Dey relies on \"giving back\" a unique finished product made from raw materials purchased from there in China.
\"The Dragon I designed has been exported to China.
I designed it with their materials.
\"This is satisfactory,\" said Dey with a smile.
In addition to cheap prices, another key factor in using Chinese products is that they have minimized the risk of electric shock.
\"Earlier, people died when they were using light bulbs,\" Das said . \". “I had a near-
A fatal accident occurred while working underwater on the design panel.
I was so shocked that I didn\'t feel it for three hours.
\"There is no such problem with the Chinese lights today.
On the contrary, there are very few requirements for skilled labor.
\"Anyone can do anything now.
They just need to plug in and have light.
This is how a truck of lights are sold.
But there is no quality control.
The aesthetics in Chandernagore\'s lights are largely missing, and it attracts people from all over the world.
\"LED lights are cheap but don\'t look as beautiful as we used to do with bulbs,\" Das said . \".
Celebrity lighting artist Babu Pal has been in the news for Amitabh Bachchan\'s house making a Lantern Festival light, admitting that the lights in China don\'t look as beautiful as the bulbs.
\"It is true that now we are using Chinese lighting, and art does not have much place in our work,\" he said . \".
To make the Chandernagore lights more advantageous than others, artists are now using what they call \"3D machinery.
\"In order to improve the visual quality, there is a new Pixel LED on the market.
The problem is, this is not the cost. effective.
It takes Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 to make a plate.
How many people can afford it? “ Pal wonders.
Senior lighting artist Kashinath Neogy insists that Chandernagore lighting has nothing to do with Chandernagore right now.
\"What is the need for the hub?
\"Those who are only interested in business are using Chandernagore\'s brand to make money,\" Neogy said . \".
According to him, the seeds of the original Chandernagore work were planted in the days when it was still a French colony.
\"In the past, people used gas lamps to try different types of works.
There was a parade during the time of jajada trepja.
Every family wants to do something artistic.
None of this happened today.
It\'s just business, and if someone wants to do something different with the old stuff, all the attempts are made to delay his work.
This is not a problem with China\'s led market damage.
\"For example, these workers are importing large chains of iron for elephants to tie goats,\" Neogy insisted . \".
Dey insists that artistic models can be created using LED lights.
\"But people have to put their time and energy into it.
The cost will be up to Rs 1.
\"Instead, they didn\'t think hard enough and didn\'t come up with something that only needed Rs 15,000,\" he said . \".
Does this mean a real
The blue art creation cost of bulbs and LED lights is the same? “Yes, it will.
But the LED lights will work better, \"said Dey.
The bigger problem, Pal says, is the way artists are harassed during border checks. posts.
\"A deposit can be charged and the deposit can be returned when the product is recovered.
\"Instead, there is a conflicting version of the tax category,\" Pal explained . \".
Dey added that harassment is a big problem in the eastern region.
\"Our products are for rent.
However, we have to pay VAT.
\"When we have to pay bribes at the border, no government will bail us out,\" Dey noted . \".
However, the workers did not lose hope.
The Puja season is over.
Now, they look forward to December.
This is when a large number of orders for the new year celebrations come from abroad.
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