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eddie mitchell is changing the face of football with elite skills arena, a technology company that cristiano ronaldo, jack wilshere and adam lallana all love

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-08-21
Former Bournemouth President Eddie Mitchell wants to change football forever.
Mitchell, a real estate developer who served as chairman of cherry from 2009 to 2013, established the elite skills arena for technology companies in 2014.
Since then, he has been influencing the way top clubs are trained.
Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool are just some of the giants who embrace Mitchell\'s vision in this game.
Players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wilshere and Adam Lala Na, supported his idea.
The elite skill arena, located in Poole, Dorset, has many football training aids designed to improve player performance.
Their flagship product is the icon, which puts you at 32-
Foot diameter circle with LED lighting panel.
The idea is to pass and hit as many Flash objects as possible within the set timelimit.
In addition to the icon, the ESA also created the exact wall-
Product developed by auxiliary attack attribute.
SunSport sits with Mitchell, an engaging pioneer who hopes to improve the quality of football around the world through his invention.
First of all, he told us how the idea came about.
\"I don\'t know if this is something that appears subconsciously, but I remember drawing an icon sketch five years ago,\" he told us . \".
\"I used to watch Bournemouth training in the office.
\"Before the coach comes out, you can see the players on the pitch in a circle.
\"They will be a little interested in the ball before the boss starts the meeting.
\"I can see that some players want to train, not just go through the motions.
\"For me, it is clear that those who want to practice their skills will practice correctly and they should also train themselves.
\"This icon covers a large part of the game.
It allows you to pass and receive, open your body, and improve your eyesight.
\"More importantly, you can practice it yourself.
\"Another impressive product that Mitchell is proud of is their exact wall.
Designed for some shooting exercises, the more accurate you are, the more points you score.
\"The favorite thing about the exact wall is a penalty shootout,\" Mitchell explained . \".
\"In our showroom, we have a completesize goal set-
There is a penalty spot in front, just like on a real pitch.
\"We have a beam across from the penalty point.
\"You have a certain amount of time before the lights go to one side.
\"This is the place to simulate the goalkeeper diving.
\"If you move the further ball forward from the penalty point, it will reduce the time you need to think before shooting.
\"For me it\'s a better system than you practice with the goalkeeper.
\"Because of motion, the split time you have is different from doing motion with a beam of light.
\"You have to think faster and you can measure who can see the fastest score with the points system.
In his office, Mitchell can see where his icon is on the big screen.
He said he has put them with Arsenal, Barcelona, Southampton, Ipswich and Hamburg at the moment.
\"Barcelona has the biggest one we have done, they have been there for 18 years --
\"After a few months, it is often used,\" he proudly revealed . \".
Arsenal, Southampton and Ipswich are also available.
There is currently a trial in Hamburg.
\"We have two Adidas,Yannick)
Bolasie has one in his garden, several in China, and many in the United States.
\"But what makes things go further is Barcelona, the innovative thinking.
\"Barcelona have been trying out the panels they made themselves,\" Mitchell revealed . \".
\"The icons impressed them and they asked us to do something for them.
We made a wireless panel and a wireless pass. through panel.
\"So, there\'s a panel with a hole on it that the ball can pass through.
\"There\'s a beam that goes through it and it causes other panels when you get the ball through it.
\"It has a pressure panel, so if you make a mistake, you have to leave the ball, run and press the lights out.
They also have passes. over panels, (Lionel)
Messi likes this. You hit the ball on the panel. . .
\"We have a beam of light that lights up on another panel when the player hits the panel accurately.
\"It is based on more than 40 metres (131 feet)
This is the maximum space we can reach, but it is wireless.
\"When we first took it, there was a wire around it.
But they don\'t want it, so we have to create something different.
\"When football players recover from injuries, they are often isolated and have to work on their own.
People like Wilshere, Lala na and Janick Borassi all have to come back from the long battleterm injury.
The Arsenal midfielder is the face of the idol and believes it will help the player recover.
\"One thing that has recovered from injuries is to get used to the game again,\" Wilshere said in a recommendation for the brand.
\"Get used to the ball, get your consciousness back, the speed of the ball and the game. . .
It really helps.
\"Lallana\'s praise for the idol is equally generous.
\"This icon is great, especially for young players because he works on your technology,\" he said . \".
Nowadays, the technical requirements of football are getting higher and higher.
\"You can practice your receiving skills, one of the best assets you can improve there.
\"The way you take the ball down from both sides, the way you let it go through your body, I feel like it\'s a big part of the game you can work on.
\"Mitchell agrees with Wilshere\'s assessment that this icon is ideal for players who return from a long sleep --off.
\"I think it\'s a great tool to measure the health of players,\" he said . \".
When a player plays
He is in good health and performs well and is able to record his scores and readings.
\"When they come back from an injury, they can see the result of the game --
They are healthy if they can match their previous scores.
\"This is a good monitor to see if you match --fit and sharp.
\"Mitchell has always been looking for ways to improve the training courses for players, and he has some clever concepts created by ESA.
\"We have developed a method of sports and training that we call football and squash, which is like a cross between football and squash,\" he told the Sun . \".
\"There is a life-saving ball beam that goes around the arena and you have to kick the ball on this line and only allow it to bounce once.
\"If it hits the light below the line, then you lose a point.
It is very beneficial to open the body.
\"We are designing a gantry for the training course so that the manager can see the action from above.
\"We also made a module where players can wear watches and wireless headphones.
\"The manager has eleven buttons on a box.
\"During the practice, managers can communicate with players instead of stopping the game and pointing out the problem.
\"For example, if the defensive line is too far away, he can push the button to the player and communicate with them through the headphones.
\"Mitchell believes that the club will soon make room for Icon-specific areas on the training ground.
Prices range from £ 6,000 to £ 120,000 and are open to clubs on both sides --
From elite to grassroots.
Still, Mitchell hopes his invention will prove the technology of the stars in a lower position.
Football leagues all over the country.
\"My ultimate goal here is to change football,\" he said . \".
\"I want to bridge the gap between the grass-roots level and the top level, which means improving the level of the lower level of football.
\"In turn, I hope this will arouse interest in low-level football.
\"If you have dedication and want to reach the top through the grassroots, you will do what you can to achieve this goal.
\"My goal is to change ESA products to make this path easier.
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