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e-waste still being exported, says watchdog

by:Dolight LED Panel     2019-09-05
As more and more people replace old TV with flat-screen TV
Panel screen, toxic
The garbage regulator has warned that many
Garbage collectors are still illegally transporting old television sets to developing countries.
\"We predicted the tsunami. cathode ray]
Unfortunately, it turns out to be true, \"said Jim Parkett, executive director of Seattle.
Basel-based Action Network for the proper disposal of e-commerce mountain areas
Waste generated every year.
Puckett advises consumers to bring their old TV to a municipal-run warehouse and avoid private recyclers who promise safe disposal of the environment. \"The so-
The so-called recycler is not a real recycling.
What they are doing is loading containers and shipping stuff, which is too easy, even in Canada where you are a party to the Basel Convention, \"Paget CBC News in the interview.
The Basel Convention is an international treaty to minimize and control Hazardous Wastes and their transfer.
Puckett estimates that private recyclers for electronics exports in North America account for 80
In developing countries, workers use dangerous methods to get raw materials and tear down old TVs and computers.
He visited Ghanain at the end of November, where there was a lot of emails
Waste is over and says African countries are flooded with old TV.
\"They get a lot more than they can handle,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s very good that so many people get rid of it.
\"Export of e-commerce
In Canada, waste is not as terrible as it is in America. S.
There are no export regulations.
Export electronic products in Canada
Waste to developing countries is illegal.
Puckett said the situation remained due to lack of law enforcement.
Almost every province in Canada has or is developing industries --
Ensure led projects for e-commerce
Waste is treated in a safe and eco-friendly manner.
Most provinces ban such waste from landfill sites. In B. C.
More than 1,300 metric tons of electronics
Collect waste from 97 warehouses per month.
Among them, the proportion of TV is between 70 and 80, said Joyce Seyer, executive director of the B Electronic Management Association. C.
In an interview with CBC News, Thayer said: \"There is a trend in the replacement of old TV, but it has been going on for a while . \". The B. C.
The management of e-retailers and producers deals with five approved recyclers to ensure they do not export electronicswaste.
Instead, it was safely dismantled, some of which were smelted by resource company Teck.
In fact, medals for the Vancouver Olympics will be made of metal extracted from electronic equipmentwasteby Teck.
Geep Global is a lawyer at Ont.
Ontario-based recyclers have \"significantly increased\" the number of CRT TVs and computer monitors they handle since becoming an approved member of Ontario\'s electronic management division \".
Chris Gariepy, Geep\'s deputy, said: \"It has changed our entire monitoring line and made it busier . \"
President of International Marketing.
When asked where these monitors would go before the Ontario project came into effect on April 2009, garlippi said most would end at landfill sites. Flat-
Screen TV is one of the only products that sales have not declined during the recession. The U. S.
Still on TV. upgrade cycle.
ISuppli, an American digital research firm, estimates 33. 8 million flat-
The panel set was shipped in the US. S.
In 2009, 17 percentage points more than in 2008.
The main reason is the continued decline in pricesa 32-
Now, the price of the inch flat-screen TV can exceed $300, which is about the price of the old TV.
Samsung Electronics
According to The Wall Street Journal, recently reported that LCD TV sales using led backlight technology exceeded the original target of 2 million units in 2009, which will grow nearly four times this year to reach 10 million.
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