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Dolight LED Panel

Dolight LED Panel

Dolight LED Panel

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Product Information of Dolight LED Panel
Product Details
With the dedication to pursue excellence, Dolight Optoelectronics strives for perfection in every detail.Dolight Optoelectronics carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of modern linear light fixtures, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.
Company Advantages
1. produced by Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. retain the existing structure yet integrated advantages of .
2. The product is waterproof. Adopting imporous materials, it resists moisture and water content from seeping into its inner structure.
3. One of the advantages of using this product is that it occupies reduced space when it is stored at the hotel warehouse.
4. With the previously mentioned characteristics, the product is ardently loved by decoration engineers, home designers, and architectural decoration designers.

Personal Protective Face Mask KN95 

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Model: KN95-A


Executive Standard: GB2626-2006 / EN149:2001+A1:2009


Product structure and composition:

This product is KN95 protective mask of ship type, which is composed of mask body, nose clip and elastic belt. 

The mask body is protected by four layers, consisting of PP non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric, hot air cotton and non-woven fabric.


Product storage conditions:

Store in a room with relative humidity no more than 80%, no corrosive substances and good ventilation conditions.


Use note:

1. Do not use in the environment with oxygen deficiency, toxic gas and excessive pollution.

2. When wearing the mask correctly, and smelling the door or feeling that the breath is not smooth, the mask should be replaced immediately.

3. Ater using the mask, cut it into pieces and put it into the sorting garbage can.


Product Validity:

This KN95 mask is valid for three years. Please use it with the validity perod.

How to use:

Dolight LED Panel-2

1. Facing the face of the mask without niose clip, hold one ear band with both hands, so that the nose clip is located above the mask;

2. Put the mask over your chin;

3. After pulling the ear strap to the ear, adjust the ear strap to feel as comfortable as possible;

4. Place both hands and fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, pree inward while moving the fingertips along the nose clip to both sides;

5. Until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose.

Company Features
1. Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is an international company with extensive experience.
2. Dolight LED Panel introduced key technologies to produce .
3. Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. will strive to enhance its competitive advantage through continuous innovation on . Please contact. Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is born of love and has undergone decades of years of transformation and innovation in industry. Please contact. The service concept and service mode of Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is . Please contact. Dolight Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. adheres to the concept that innovation can keep lasting development. Please contact.
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Product Description


Product Benefits

1.High performance,market available high performance LEDs

2.MEAMWELL driver,all range WL-RTUV utilizing MEANWELL HLG series high-end driver,great luminaire stability,lifespan and optimal performance status.Made in Taiwan, real warranty 5-year

3.Sunon® LED fanDR Megles series,+50,000 hourslife.Equipped with strain relief clamp, electrical cables and soldering points can be well protected.

4.Equipped with Wago® quick disconnect between LED driver and LED module.Easily and fast connect.

5.Professional and clean design with Wago® SMD PCBconnector

6.Thermal protector can automatically dim down orswitch off LED module is over heat detected and automatically switch on LED module when it cools down.

7.Die casting aluminum heat sink.One piece die casting aluminum heat sink ensures heat dissipation of LED module.Available finish color: silver, white

Flexible Installation

Horizontal Mount with L-Braket

Instead of mounting by mogul base , WL-RTUV is mountedby “L” bracket which fits mogul base location inside of 

most conventional fixtures.The “L” bracket is made of one piece metal plate with variable pre

drilled holes to fit existing mogul base location, and can be secured by wrench easily

Vertical Mount with I-Braket


 Installation Instruction

1.     Remove existing ballast, bulb, socket and reflector.

2.     Fix LED driver using screws via mounting brackets of driver within the fixture at ballast  location.Connect input end of driver to AC power source inside existing fixture.

3.     Mount provided “L” bracket (“I” bracket optional) at existing socket location.

Fix LED module with “L” bracket (“I” bracket optional) inside the fixture using provided screws and position LED module for maximum light output.You may customize a mounting plate to fix LED module.

4.     Connect LED module and LED driver using the provided connector.

Connect ground wire of driver to ground wire or ground terminal of the luminaires or branch circuit grounding conductor.





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